Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Khloe Kardashian Finally Admits It"s Time To Stop Dating Basketball Players - Watch The Jimmy Kimmel Live Clip - Fans Claim Only Lamar Odom Truly Loved Her - kkccb.net

In a new Jimmy Kimmel Live clip, Khloe Kardashian is asked if she doesn’t think that it’s time to drop the whole idea of dating basketball players.

After beating around the bush for a while, she admits that she should probably listen to her grandma and date accountants or men with similar jobs.

Check out the video below.

People are definitely not too supportive in the comments section.

Someone said ‘she doesn’t need to be dating at all, she needs to focus on her daughter,’ while another follower posted ‘Now stop appropriating our culture and we will be good. 🤷🏾‍♀️’

Another person has a different opinion and said ‘It ain’t basketball players it’s the men you’re picking. 🙄’

A person believes that the Kardashian women are evil: ‘They drain the souls out of men. They’re definitely the Jezebel spirit in disguise.’

Someone else said ‘I mean they all end up leaving her either for drugs or other women what choice does she have?’

One commenter brought up Lamar who they say loved her: ‘Lamar actually loved her, he just had an addiction that she was too “Hollywood” to help him get over. 🙄’

Other than this, Khloe and Kylie are reportedly cringing to watch the KUWK show.

Now, the Kardashian series is almost live and direct.

Just days after the surprising news broke that Khloe had ended the romance with her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, because he cheated with Kylie’s BFF, Jordyn Woods — the trailer for the KUWK show aired. The sisters were not anxious to watch it.

Meanwhile, Jordyn is in London living her best life and securing the bag.


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