Saturday, April 27, 2019

XXXTentacion’s Mother, Cleopatra Bernard, And His Baby Mama, Jenesis Sanchez, Are Fighting Over A Paternity Test Request And Fans Think They Know Why -

It seems that there is a mini-war taking place between XXXTentacion’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, and his baby mama, Jenesis Sanchez, over a paternity test.

It was recently revealed that Jenesis, who has a son named Gekyume with the late rapper wanted his DNA to establish paternity for their child and end the rumors swirling around the Internet.

XXXTentacion’s mother for an unknown reason does not want the process to move forward and has, therefore, filed court documents demanding that the petition filed by Jenesis be dismissed.

Cleopatra has made it clear that she will not give her late son’s DNA sample to Jenesis.

Cleopatra had also requested that her court filings be sealed to keep the battle under wraps.

One fan reacted to the story: “So if it’s false ( which it’s not ), she must have been messing around when she was with jahseh then. 👀🤔”

Another commenter stated: “Oh god here we go with this shes the mother of Jahseh X, please stop this just be happy Sanchez ❤ Don’t even do live don’t pay these haters any mind live on.”

This follower explained: “I mean I think X is Gekyume’s father because they look almost exactly alike.”

This Instagram user stated: “Jenesis is a Strong Beautiful Lady n Mother. I’m so Happy n Proud of Her. Jenesis can Handle Her Own n more she is a Tough Ass BITCH in a Good way No Disrespect to Her. She Does n Lives Her Life the way she wants; she can care less what Ppl say. This is a Smart Thing 2 don get it out of the way Prove 2 All the doubters that X is the Father. Gekyume n Jenesis r always going 2 have 2 Deal with Haters it’s a given. This World can’t run without Drama or Negativity she is going 2 have 2 tell her son how messed up things will get at times. Jenesis was Chosen by X n God 2 be Gekyumes Mom bc of who she is; she got whatever comes Her Way. God Bless Us All.”

Some fans say XXXTentacion’s mother is trying to block Jenesis because she fears that she is trying to get more money from the late rapper’s estate.

Do you think all of this is about money? Is there more to the story?


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