Friday, April 26, 2019

Blac Chyna Is Serving Some Skin: Here"s The "Miracle", "All Natural" Product That Has Her Looking Flawless -

Blac Chyna shared the secret for her flawless face. It’s the organic skin lightener for which people have bashed her in the past and she decided to advertise it on social media again. Here’s her post below.

‘I am serving skin today!!! Do you see my skin 😳 No make up thanks to @organicskinlightener I am soo thankful for this ALL NATURAL product it helps the skin with acne scars, brightness, stretch marks and honestly any skin condition you have. Summer is around the corner let’s get our skin glowing ✨ together ✨ !! Use code “Theglowup” to get a discount 💋✨’ Chyna posted.

As expected, haters jumped in the comments section and bashed her for promoting the product.

Someone said ‘Y’all be on her page with so much negativity if u don’t like her or what she posts just unfollow her why comment so much negativity on somebody else’s page smh 🤦🏾‍♀️.’

Another follower also promotes dark skin and said that ‘Dark healthy skin>damaged bleached skin.’

Someone else was on the very same page and said ‘I’m glad to be brown-skinned. It’s a NO thanks for me but enjoy luv 😁.’

A fan praised Chyna’s looks and told her ‘You look gorgeous sis 😭 I’m jealous of that flawless skin,’ while someone else said ‘Chyna you so pretty and smart don’t let them get to you . ♥️’

For Easter, Chyna shared some lovely new photos with her kids and a video as well on her social media account and made her fans happy.

Chyna’s followers literally flooded her comments section with praising comments. They told her that she’s the best mom and they also noted that she looks genuinely happy.


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