Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Ciara Bares It All, Removes Her Makeup, And Fake Hair In Vulnerable Picture -- Russell Wilson And Fans Are Loving Her Beauty Marks - kkccb.net

Ciara is about to make a preacher go wild — well, if not a preacher her religious husband, Russell Wilson.

The diva has decided to show a more vulnerable side of herself in a new selfie where she removed her makeup and fake hair. Ciara explained that she now feels ready to embrace the real her.

The diva captioned the photo: “No makeup. No extensions. Vulnerable. My Beauty Marks and all. The real me… and I love it. Finally embracing myself fully! It feels good.”

She added: “Csquad! Join me in my #BeautyMarks journey and upload your rawest selfies at onlyciara.com/beautymarks. Don’t be afraid to let YOUR Beauty Marks show!”

Wilson, a proud husband, expeditiously appeared in the comment section to praise his lady. Wilson, now the NFL’s highest-paid player, said this: “So beautiful. #BeautyMarks.”

A few critics told Ciara to go back to the makeup, but her army of supporters are defending her.

One person said: “With or WITHOUT the makeup, Ciara is still pretty and has a Husband who would wipe the crud out her eye…Some of all of you don’t even know who your baby daddy is 🙄.

Somebody said she looks a mess so I looked at their pic and she looked a mess with a whole filter. 🤔Ciara is winning. 💯”

Another commenter stated: “Ciara Girl bye… these girls are so insecure they won’t even go naked face in the privacy of their homes… I pray you’re starting a movement cause I’m sick of seeing everybody with the same body wave lace front, baby hairs, thick eyebrows, shimmery cheeks, and red lipstick! Tell these gurls they’re beautiful. Ok cheekbones come through !!! 🔥🔥😍”

This Instagram user shared: “You look freaking 18 again! How?!? 😭😍That’s because you have people in your life that allow you to come out of your shell. Look at all the bitter wenches in the comments hating cause they’re 22 and look like they have 6 grandkids. It does feel good❤️❤️you been fine tho😘.”

This fan spoke about Ciara’s happiness and glow: “This is my favorite era! After PROMISE! You are filthy rich! In happiness!!! 💜❤️And we all see it! And feel it!🎶🕺🏽💃🏽


This is a clever move that might land Ciara some new fans.


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