Sunday, April 14, 2019

Porsha Williams Asks For Help To Get Rid On The Terrible Anxiety She"s Suffering From Since She Became A Mom - The New Mom Syndrome Is Addressed By Fans -

Porsha Williams posted a photo on her social media account which depicts the anxiety that new moms feel regarding the safety of their child. This anxiety keeps them from having a good night’s sleep and more.

Porsha asked her fans for advice to feel better. Here’s her post below.

‘Man this is so accurate😩 What’s the secret yo… the anxiety be real ❤️’ Porsha posted.

Someone said ‘The secret “have another baby”😂😂😂cuz that’s when it goes away,’ and another commenter posted ‘It never goes away my daughter is 13 I still check to see if she’s breathing throughout the night.’

One other follower said ‘There’s no secret….you’ll feel like that 🗣🗣 FOREVA in my Cardi B voice 😂 just kidding @porsha4real.’


A fan told Porsha that ‘Ur just a mother bear protecting her cub. Always remember this phase goes away.’

Someone else has a piece of advice: ‘Make sure the room is always at least 70-74 degrees. That helps prevents the baby from overheating. Lay the baby on her back and check on her every 3 hours. Lastly, pray!’

A follower wrote ‘I know I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since my kids were born. They are 23.🤷🏽‍♀️’

Someone also addressed this syndrome: ‘New mom syndrome, I got news for you. You will never sleep again A Solid good nights rest. For your life. 😩🤦🏻‍♀️ Congratulations and welcome to motherhood. 😘’

Another fan brings up a monitoring device: ‘They have a monitor for when they are sleeping that goes on her foot and monitors their breathing and heartbeats. I think it called owlsie.’

Since Porsha gave birth to her baby, she’s radiating with joy and inner beauty, and all this makes her even more beautiful on the outside as well.

Her fans even say that ever since she gave birth, she’s aging backwards. Check out her latest post which had fans saying this.


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