Wednesday, April 3, 2019

50 Cent Sends His Condolences To Nipsey Hussle"s Family And JaRule Is Not Here For It - Fans Are Bashing Him As Well For This Reason -

50 Cent has recently spent some quality time with his youngest son, and he documented it all on social media. He also got bashed by people for not acting right towards his oldest son.

Other than this, 50 Cent is another celebrity who made sure to send his kind words to the family of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

But it seems that JaRule is not here for 50’s message at all. Check out how he shaded 50 Cent.

‘To: Nipsey’s Real friends and family I send my Sincere condolences. I’m sorry for your loss God bless. #lecheminduroi,’ 50 Cent posted next to a pic of himself in a suit.

People started bashing him in the comments section for posting a photo of himself and also for writing ‘lost’ instead of ‘loss.’

Someone said ‘He should’ve posted a picture of Nipsey instead of his self 🤷🏾‍♀️’ while another commenter posted ‘How are u sending condolences w a pic of u?😭’

A person wrote ‘It’s LOSS😩’ and one other commenter asked ‘But …. why use your own picture to send condolences.. 😲’

Someone else believes that the message is ‘Definitely disrespectful IDC he shouldn’t have said anything at all then,’ and a commenter agrees: ‘I agree with Jarule for once. This a BS condolences message.’

One other person said ‘Everybody who’s saying “Not now”… yes now…. who posts a picture of themselves saying their condolences.’

Nipsey’s family is broken these days, especially Lauren London who decided to break her silence and post a short message on her social media account.

Fans’ thoughts are prayers go to her and everyone who loved Nipsey. Stay tuned for more news regarding the rapper’s killing.


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