Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Tamron Hall Shares Elegant And Wild Baby Shower Photo Album As Due Date Approaches -- Steven Greener And His Wife Are Ready -

TV host Tamron Hall had a baby shower, and yes, it was as elegant and fun as one can imagine it. Tamron and her husband, Steven Greener, are expecting their first child after a brief debate between a baby shower and Sip and See, she opted for the former.

Tamron kept the event classy and simple, according to the pictures that she shared online. The gorgeous mother-to-be wore a yellow dress and laughed with her mother and close friends as she gets ready for the arrival of her bundle of joy.

She said: “Sharing my baby shower album! Love, Laughs, and Surrounded by my friends from #philly #chicago #newyork and of course #texas. Thank you @jungleeny for your amazing spot filled with elegance and beauty. You are the best event planner in the world!! Kon, Yvonne and Carmen you ladies totally surprised me. Shower or Sip & See lol you decided. Uh the last photo is how we roll!!!!!!!!!! Photo credit @calligrafist.”

One follower shared: “You so look due that look of pain, yet happy, anxious yet overwhelmed all that may God Bless you and the little one, please have a safe delivery. Enjoy the quiet soon baby will be here. Best ever Mom to be ⭐️⭐️⭐️Ummm… Why am I in tears like I was there? Anyway, beautiful Mommy-to-be. Beautiful shower. A beautiful journey to a beautiful life & family. 😍”

This supporter told Tamron the following: “Awesome photo album! You and your friends had a really great time.👌@tamronhall I’m so happy and thrilled for you..we may never meet in life but you have ALWAYS been an inspiration to me watching you on tv and social happy for your sweet baby on the way. Can’t wait for you to come back to tv…I’m so here for it!!! 😊🙌🏽”

This third message read: “I swear we just found out that you were pregnant like “3 days” ago. 😂 Now you are packing hospital bags and having baby showers. This has been the fastest and best-kept celebrity pregnancy in history 💝You look so beautiful also you look like you are ready to bring that bundle of joy into the world what a blessing may GOD bless you and your Husband and family. Good, I’m happy to hear that. Good choice, enjoy the show.”

Tamron seems ready for the big day.


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