Tuesday, April 9, 2019

NeNe Leakes" Fans Tell Her That Cynthia Bailey Was Never Her Real Friend But They"d Like Porsha Williams Back In NeNe"s Life - kkccb.net

NeNe Leakes shared a video on her social media account from CBS where she was invited at The Talk and also made sure to invite her fans to watch her on How High 2 on April 20 on MTV.

Other than that, NeNe has been having some pretty great days because her husband Gregg Leakes finally managed to complete the chemo.

After surgery, Gregg refused chemotherapy, but eventually, the doctor convinced him that this is the best solution for him in order to minimize the risks of cancer returning.

Now, her fans flooded the comments section to tell her that she should definitely move on because Cynthia Bailey is not her friend, and more than that, she never was.

‘Head on Ova to The Talk on CBS and hear what yo girl had to say #HBIC #the1 #lifeofnene Thank you for living and loving me ❤️ Check me out in How High 2 April 20th on MTV @mtv,’ NeNe captioned her post.

Someone said ‘NeNe Is A Real Diva that’s my Girl there She keeps it 💯’

Another follower posted ‘Can’t wait to see the show I’m glad your husband is doing good, and I love your dress. 👗’

One fan made it very clear that they are on board with NeNe: ‘Team NeNe. I am glad the truth was revealed. Like you said, “you can’t win when you play dirty.“ I hope these ladies remember that !! This is the weakest fakest alliance in housewives history.’

One supporter would like NeNe and Porsha Williams to make up: ‘I hope u and @porsha4real could makeup, I think she was genuinely like a sister to you. She cared about you, and you shouldn’t be so tough on her.’

Someone shaded Cynthia and said: ‘@neneleakes keep it moving @cynthiabailey10 has proven to you and the world she was never your friend. To run around and do interviews to promote that “DIABETES IN A BOTTLE LOADED WITH SUGAR” and say she’s glad she doesn’t have to be your friend anymore is very low and messy as hell. Please cut her loose NeNe she’s not in your corner. She’s a snake, 🐍and if she felt this way, she should have told you this long before now. See you at MGM 👏👏👏’

What do you think about this drama going on between NeNe and Cynthia?


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