Friday, April 19, 2019

Soulja Boy Will Be In More Trouble Even After He Is Released From Jail -- Customers Allegedly Haven"t Received Their Soulja Watches -

Soulja Boy started off this year with a bang but it seems his good luck is running out. Not only is the rapper currently behind bars and has been the victim of a robbery, but he also will have to answer to some angry customers according to a new report.

The rapper has been pretty smart about his money by starting multiple business ventures. In addition to creating his own video game console, he made a smart watch deemed the Souljawatch.

Complex received dozens of emails from upset customers who allegedly have yet to receive their products from the Soulja boy website.

The magazine released some of those complaints.

“My 13-year-old son asked me to order a SouljaWatch for him on my debit card. I only agreed to order it for him because he gave me the cash that he saved from his birthday. I warned him that I didn’t trust it but he felt good about it because it was from Soulja Boy. We have yet to receive any watch! My son is still holding on to hope that maybe it’ll just take a while. I have no faith that he will ever receive it.”

Another upset consumer wrote: “I purchased four smart watches for my nieces. They keep asking me REPEATEDLY over and over for their watches! I’m a disappointed customer and deserve a full refund.”

Complex went on to say that they have emails from people considering filing a class action lawsuit!

This will be a mess that Soulja has to deal with when he gets released from jail for violating his probation.

Unfortunately, the ‘Crank Dat’ musician’s house was robbed and the thieves stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry. The bold criminals even went live on his Instagram page after getting ahold of his phone.


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