Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Porsha Williams Poses With Her Natural Look And The Baby In Her Arms: "I Officially Don"t Care What I Look Like" - Fans Defend Her From Haters Who Comment About Her Image - kkccb.net

Porsha Williams is all about her baby girl, Pilar Jhena McKinley these days. She can’t seem to be able to focus on anything else, and she’s making fans happy by sharing all kinds of images with her on Instagram.

It’s true that some of her followers are sad because they did not get to see the baby’s entire face for now, but Porsha is probably waiting a bit more.

She shared some images on Instagram in which she’s rocking a completely natural look, without makeup and wig and she’s holding her baby girl in her arms.

She’s saying that she does not care what she looks like and the only thing that matters is PJ. Check out the image captured by The Shade Room below.

Someone said ‘This is how the majority of us moms look during the day. I remember them restless nights.’

Another person threw a bit of shade and said ‘She could’ve stuffed that lil piece of edges in that scarf 😭.’

But Porsha’s diehard fans were not here for such comments, and they hopped in the comments to defend their favorite RHOA star.

A person said ‘How y’all always encouraging females to be natural and then as soon as they are.. y’all rude. 🤔’

One other supporter posted ‘This woman wanted this so bad, season after season. So many prayers went into this moment. 😭💕🙌🏽’

One fan wrote this: ‘🤐 I’m all about the empowerment of our women ….. nothing else to be said 😉💕’ and someone else posted ‘This is what new mothers look like, exhausted, happy all in one…so what…still beautiful.’

Porsha is indeed beautiful with or without makeup and what matters the most is that she is happy.

Her fans have recently praised her RHOA reunion look all over social media.


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