Saturday, April 20, 2019

Jenna Dewan Says That After Her And Channing Tatum"s Split She Lived With "A Peruvian Tribe" -

While on Ellen, Jenna Dewan got candid about her and Channing Tatum’s split and how she dealt with it all. As it turns out, the star spent some time in a ‘Peruvian tribe‘ after, in order to heal.

On the episode that aired earlier today, John Cena was a guest host on the talk show so it was he that the actress told all and not Ellen DeGeneres.

According to Jenna, after she and Tatum put an end to their marriage, she lived in a tribe for two weeks as a way for her to heal.

Telling Cena that ‘It’s no secret I had, like, a very intense year and a lot of change,’ Jenna went on to promote her new book Gracefully You, available for pre-order.

She mentioned how her difficult 2018 was all recounted in the upcoming memoir.

‘I am a hippie at heart. I am sort of a seeker. I sort of like practices and rituals and things that kind of connect me to anything greater than myself, bigger than myself. Through that, I used a lot of those kind of techniques to just help me through change and that crazy year,’ Jenna told John.

That’s when she revealed that ‘I went to Peru, I lived there for 2 weeks with this tribe. I have always been that type of person. It was very cathartic and actually really fun to write this [book].’

The actor couple made their split public a year ago, in April of 2018.

In October, Jenna proceeded to file for divorce after being married for nine years!

They also share a daughter named Everly Tatum, who is now 5.


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