Thursday, April 18, 2019

Teresa Giudice Doesn"t Care About The Criticism Over Promoting Diet Pills - She Has ‘Bills To Pay’ -

After Teresa Giudice endorsed water loss supplements, there was backlash, as expected! However, the reality TV star couldn’t care less for a couple of reasons!

One, she has been ‘feeling the added pressure of being the only source of income right now,’ so she’ll take whatever deal she can get.

And two, Teresa doesn’t think the product is dangerous in any way.

One insider explained to HollywoodLife that ‘Teresa Giudice’s completely unphased and she is paying no attention to the backlash she has received from her latest endorsement. Teresa’s a hard worker and she’s open to pretty much all and anything that is going to make her money right now.’

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is a mother of four daughters and her husband has been in jail for 41 months and is now in ICE custody!

That being said, she is the sole breadwinner so she will not say no to money just because people are criticizing her in the comment section.

The source added: ‘Teresa’s always been happy to support several products, but especially with Joe away and feeling the added pressure of being the only source of income, Teresa needs to take every opportunity thrown her way. Teresa is popular and her fans are always paying attention to what she is promoting, therefore, she receives several offers for social media posts and endorsement deals.’

They also mentioned that she has ‘bills to pay’ and her oldest, 18 year old Gia is going to college next year so whatever opportunities come her way, she is going to say yes.

But aside from the money part of it, she doesn’t think the pills are harmful anyway!

She would never associate her name with something dangerous and so, she did not expect the backlash at all.


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