Monday, April 15, 2019

NeNe Leakes" Husband, Gregg Leakes Supports Her Amid Her Feud With Cynthia Bailey - People Believe That "His" Message Was, In Fact, Written By "Manipulator" Nene -

RHOA fans will be interested to know that Gregg Leakes hopped on Instagram to support his wife NeNe Leakes amid her feud with Cynthia Bailey. As you probably know, Cynthia invited Kenya Moore to an event of hers and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Gregg called Cynthia a sister to NeNe and he’s now explaining a few things.

More than that, he also offers his gratitude to the people who have been supporting him through his battle with cancer.

He recently celebrated finishing six months of chemo and he managed to impress everyone with the tears of joy that could be seen in his eyes.

Anyway, here’s his message of support towards NeNe:

‘America… here is “why” I said Cynthia is like a sister to me at the reunion. When asked the question from Andy, my mind went totally blank. All my thoughts just disappeared. What happened was, “in my head”, I could hear my wife saying she was like a sister to her in the past. So I simply said what I heard the voice in my head saying..’ Gregg wrote.

He continued and said ‘That’s why I said it… I fully support my wife at every turn. What was done to my wife was not sisterly. Thank you again, America for ALL your Prayers and Well Wishes.’

Someone commented ‘Nene wrote this lol,’ and a lot of people have said the same thing. They’re just not here for this message and are confident that Gregg did not write it.

A person said ‘She got that man scared scared,’ while someone else posted ‘Nene was threatening to hold his lunch money had he not posted this.’

One commenter said that ‘More like my wife made me change what I said. You too damn old for this.’

Another person believes that ‘Nene is a puppet master. Reminds me of coming to America where the lady is barking like a dog. She got all these people barking, but when they have a voice she shuts them down. I use to love Nene, but what happened.’

What do you think about Gregg’s message?


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