Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Kim Kardashian"s BFF Defends Porsha Williams With Empowering Message After She Posts Picture Without Makeup -- His Words Will Inspire You - kkccb.net

Welcome to the real world, Porsha Williams has just posted a picture on social media that has the world talking about what natural beauty looks like.

In the photo, the Real Housewives of Atlanta is not wearing any makeup, her hair is not perfectly fixed, and she is happy as she holds her baby girl, Pilar Jhena McKinley.

She captioned the photo: “I officially don’t care what I look like. She is the end all be all lol #obsessed #PjsWorld.”

She added: “#newNormal.”

Many mean comments have been posted about Williams’ looks and a long list of celebrities has stepped out to defend her.

Kim Kardashian’s friend and famous makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, also known as makeup by Mario, had this wonderful message to women: “Not sure why everyone comments negatively about women’s looks/ Hair etc. Women are so beautiful in their natural state. The Makeup, the Hair, the drama, the glam- that is all extra, and it takes a lot of effort and work to create that image of beauty. We should also see the beauty without all the extra stuff. The way we see it in our mothers and sisters and friends.”

He added: “How y’all always encouraging females to be natural and then as soon as they are.. y’all rude 🤔Now THIS is what real motherhood looks like. Not ear to ear makeup, stilettos, waist trainers and full frontals!!! Lol. I’m all about the empowerment of our women ….. nothing else to be said. 😉💕”

Ming Lee, a well-known beauty influencer, showed Williams some love: “still me 9 months later ….. mom life is exhausting but so worth it. She’s so beautiful😍😍😍#momlife.”

This mom backed the reality TV star in a message that read: “I hope everyone dragging her are all women who have had babies yet. As all mothers know the look shes rockin is a normal thing😂. Even before I became a mother, I looked like that at home tf🤣This woman wanted this so bad, season after season. So many prayers went into this moment. 😭💕🙌🏽That’s how most of us African American females look naturally. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

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I wanna live in my mommy’s arms forever! ❤️

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This third supporter wrote: “Self-care doesn’t exist with a newborn. I had plenty of days like this… Congrats ❤️Y’all better stop. She looks beautiful half these private accounts wish they looked like this even on their BEST DAYS. Y’all better sit down. It’s honestly not even her face it’s her hair 😭 but that’s to be expected when she’s a new baby. 😭”

According to most observers, Porsha is a stunner regardless of what critics say.


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