Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Toya Wright And Reginae Carter Have Precious Messages For Their Fans Following The Death Of Nipsey Hussle - kkccb.net

Both Toya Wright and her daughter, Reginae Carter had some pretty wise and precious messages for their fans on social media.

These were triggered by the death of everyone’s beloved rapper, Nipsey Hussle who was shot to death and left the whole community in pain.

There seems to be more news on the suspect now, and he was allegedly identified.

People are outraged by so much hate, and they keep promoting love, positivity, and kindness.

Here’s Toya’s message for her Instagram fans and followers:

‘Give people their flowers while they can still smell them. Life is short. #spreadthelove #iloveandappreciateyouall 💐 ❤️🙏🏾’

Someone told Toya ‘This the one here Toya!! So true! We often take our loved ones for granted!’

Another commenter wrote ‘Sad Deal – violence needs to stop. We need God back into this world!!!’

One other supporter said ‘We know you do, and you show it to @toyawright by spreading love and giving it back .. thank you.’

Here’s Toya’s daughter, Reginae Carter’s message for her own fans: ‘Cut the beef, kill the drama, and just be the best version of YOU.’

One of Nae’s fans said ‘Love you, keeping being you. You have a heart of gold.’

One fan had a few words for Nae’s mom, Toya: ‘I know you’re proud of what you raised @toyawright. 🗣’

Toya and Reginae were among the many people who have been mourning after Nipsey, and they sent kind words on their social media account to his family, especially to Lauren London.

Keep Nip’s family and loves ones lifted in prayer during these horrible days.


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