Thursday, April 18, 2019

50 Cent Hops On The Shade Wagon Again And Disses Charlamagne Tha God After He Asks Wendy Williams To Dinner -

It was recently reported that Wendy Williams seems to be getting more and more support these days. And some of it comes from people who have previously ended their friendship with Wendy a while ago.

Such a person is Charlamagne Tha God. Everyone who knows Wendy and Charlamagne also knows that they have ended their friendship for quite a while. But it seems that now, things might just be about to change.

You may recall that Charlamagne said on the radio that he is the one who introduced Kevin Hunter to his mistress, Sharina Hudson ten years ago.

Wendy was happy to let her fans now that Charlamagne called and asked her to dinner.

Fans were ecstatic to hear that these two might repair things between them, especially since Wendy is definitely having a tough time with her divorce and all.

It was also reported that she served her cheating hubby Kevin Hunter with the divorce papers disguised as a gift.

Anyway, the king of shade 50 Cent is now back, and he’s on Charlamagne Tha God’s back after he asked Wendy out to dinner. You can see his message below.

Someone commented “Nobody: Still Nobody: 50: *jumping in something that didn’t even concern him’

Another fan doesn’t like 50’s attitude: ’50 cent is miserable it’s a friendly date like seriously 🙄’

One follower posted ‘I’m convinced he’s sick in the head. That’s why a lot of people his age & accomplished want nothing to do with him.’

Someone else said that ‘I use to love 50 Cent, but at this point, he needs to grow the hell up.’

A person noted this: ‘Bruh 50 cent is aggravating AF!!! How can you go literally every day with all this negativity energy?!’

Wendy’s fans are also offering her all the support she needs these days and they hope she’ll go through with the divorce.


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