Sunday, April 21, 2019

Kandi Burruss Feels That Phaedra Parks Should Be "Cancelled" For Lying About Drugging And Assaulting Porsha Williams -

Kandi Burruss is standing by her decision to forgive Porsha Williams but not Phaedra Parks when it comes to the false claims that were made during season nine of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ She also revealed that she thinks the reality alum should be ‘cancelled’ as any other person would be in today’s social climate.

The ‘RHOA’ O.G spoke with Latoya Forever on her Youtube channel.

“I just kinda felt like, and I still feel, that in our society today, right, if somebody’s out there drugging and taking advantage of women or whatever we want them in jail, we cancelling them, we don’t want nothing to do with them. I want that same energy for the person who would make up that you get what I’m saying? And that’s just where I’m at with it.”

She went on to say that no one has to agree with her and she doesn’t have any hate in her heart for Phaedra but she wants to make it clear that Phaedra would have never told the truth if she didn’t threaten to sue Porsha.

A ‘RHOA’ fan page posted a clip of the video that got fans talking. Some feel that Kandi needs to get over it and the show should bring Parks back while others are on her side.

“That’s right Kandi! What Phaedra did is unforgivable However it is sad cause at one point you had a genuine friendship..” said one.

“I love Phaedra too. And I don’t really be picking sides with the ladies cause it’s just a show. But I’m definitely #TeamKandi when it comes to this situation, idc. Phaedra went way too far with that,” explained another.

This social media user had a suggestion for Burruss.

“LET IT GOOOOOOOOO!!!! You ain’t gotta be friends with her cause quite frankly all y’all relationships on the show seem fake anyway.”

What do you think about Kandi’s latest comments? Is what Phaedra did unforgivable?


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