Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Nick Viall Claps Back After Ex Vanessa Grimaldi Blames Him For Her Not Receiving An Invitation To Mutual Friends Ashley And Jared’s Wedding - kkccb.net

During one episode of her podcast, Vanessa Grimaldi pretty much found out that she is not invited to Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon’s wedding which got her so emotional she started sobbing! While expressing her sadness over the situation, she mentioned that her ex, Nick Viall was most likely the reason why she was not on the guest list and it looks like he is not too happy about being blamed for it.

The former Bachelor star slammed the assumption that it was because of him that Grimaldi was not invited to their mutual friends’ big day.

Since Nick is one of the groomsmen, it did not take long before Vanessa assumed he did not want her at the upcoming summer wedding.

After stumbling upon an E! News article about what she said, Nick commented: ‘Huh?? That person isn’t me. Ashley and Jared’s wedding is Ashley and Jared days. Looking forward to enjoying the day with them and everyone they want to celebrate it with.’

During one episode of her podcast Help! I Suck at Dating With Dean, Vanessa and Jared, Vanessa broke down in tears after realizing she just may not be invited to the wedding!

While Jared argued that the guest lists are not even finalized yet, trying to calm her down, Vanessa said through sobs: ‘I’m just sad. I totally get it… I mean I assume, I mean, I understand but I assume it’s because of a particular person and I get that, and as I said, I’m not mad, I’m not anything, I’m mostly just sad.’

Jared once again insisted that he and Ashley would never want to make her sad, they just want to make that day about them.

Still crying, Vanessa said in part that ‘It’s like I vouched for you guys, and I know he has too, and I just, I don’t want this to become about me. I want an absolutely amazing wedding day for you guys, and if that means me watching from afar, then, like, that’s what it is. But I don’t want this to be about me.’


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