Sunday, April 28, 2019

Remy Ma Supports Women Who Have Been Negatively Impacted By Incarceration - People Show Her Love For The Initiative -

It was recently reported that Remy is currently under investigation – Love and Hip Hop: New York’s Brittney Taylor accused Remy Ma of punching her.

TSR wrote that Brittney has apparently retained a lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, who claims that ‘She wants Remy Ma prosecuted for what she did to her.’

If you are not aware of this, the rapper has been released from prison back in 2014 after a conviction that was coming from a case involving a shooting at a New York deli.

She’s been extremely supportive of women who had a similar fate and the latest post on Instagram shows that she’s doing something to help women who are have been negatively impacted by prison.

‘The number of women being incarcerated today is alarming. Just imagine the horror for women behind the walls. We may not have all of the answers, but with solid partnerships and collaborations, we can make a huge difference in so many peoples lives and their families! Proceeds from the “Remy Ma” x @vimvixen will benefit my foundation @remymafoundation geared towards helping women who have been negatively impacted by incarceration! #remyma #remy #remymafia #ad 📸 @offjimmer 😘’ Remy captioned her post.

Someone said ‘It’s terrible. You’ve got elderly women out here as felons who can’t even rent an apartment let alone get a job. Same goes for those who aren’t elderly. It’s not ok. They have no chance to make it and rehabilitate themselves.’

A follower gushed over Remy’s actions and said ‘That’s amazing. I love what you and your hubby are doing. So proud of you. Keep it up and congratulations on the golden child🥰❤💯’

One other fan showed Remy full support and love: ‘Remy we love and support you! Furthermore, me and the entire Remy mafia will testify that you were having bible study with us during the alleged eye punch! ❤️’

It’s great that Remy had such an initiative and fans are right to support her and show their love.


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