Friday, April 12, 2019

Reginae Carter Is Proud Of Her Brother, Kameron Carter, Who Spoke At Nipsey Hussle"s Memorial Service - Tiny Harris Feels The Same Way - See The Video -

Reginae Carter’s brother, Kameron Carter is Lil Wayne’s biological son. He managed to impress everyone when he got up on stage to talk in front of over 20,000 people about Nipsey Hussle during the extraordinary memorial service.

Reginae wanted to mark this event, and she posted on her social media account, saying that she’s proud of her little brother for stepping up like that.

‘Kross is so lucky to have you as a big brother! I’m so lucky to have you as my little brother! I love you, Kam! You spoke with intelligence & love from the heart ❤️ keep being amazing, baby 🙏🏾,’ Reginae wrote.

Someone commented ‘He did an amazing job for somebody his age ❤️ he really did beautiful bright-spirited little boy.’

Another follower said ‘Yes, He did such a great job. Looks just like Wayne’s girl 😩❤️.’

A supporter posted this: ‘He did an awesome job and not shy at all! He’s going to be something awesome ❤️’

Someone praised Lauren, Nipsey, and Lil Wayne as well: ‘Wow such a 🤴 Lauren, Wayne, and Nip, you guys did a wonderful job co-parenting it shows a lot, and this also shows how much nip meant to this prince long live the Hussle 💙💙💙🏁’

Another impressed fan said ‘This touched my heart. I had a similar dream when my mom passed away, and it helped a lot. 💙’

Reginae also posted her own tribute to Nipsey, and you can see it below.

‘My mom always told me growing up her, and I are a package deal! And whoever she dates or Marry has to accept us as a whole. Hearing my little brother talk about you tells me you accepted Lauren and Kam as a whole. You loved and protected them both ❤️ I love that! You’ll always be respected and never forgotten! #longlivenipsey,’ Nae wrote on her Instagram account.

Tiny Harris told her ‘I thought that was just the sweetest & bravest thing of him to get up there & speak so well of him in front thousands. That said everything about @nipseyhussle 💙’

Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service was indeed an extremely emotional event which will remain in the history of hip hop.


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