Monday, April 15, 2019

Tiny Harris Shares NSFW Picture That Sends Tongues Wagging About Her Open Marriage With T.I. -

Diva Tiny Harris has it and loves to flaunt it to tease her husband and she recently took to social media where she shared a series of pictures that made a few fans blush.

T.I.’s wife posed in a body-hugging outfit that showed off her killer curves in front of an enormous NSFW painting.

The painting, which is somewhere in New York, features a man and a woman with no clothes on, and Tiny decided to place her hands on the lower body-parts.

Tiny captioned the Instagram post: “Had to Bless them NY streets with a taste of a Real Sweet Georgia 🍑….. 👑👅🌊🤩 #IsHeTinyOrAmI 🤪 Good Morning. 🌍”

One fan said she loves the freaky side of Tiny and added: “To see you taking pictures bye the li 🍆. our hand missed the man, and I’m cool with that 😳😜😂😂😂LOL 😂😂.”

This person brought up the comments about Tiny’s open marriage made during a recent television appearance by singer Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole claimed Tiny and T.I.P. have a habit of inviting women into their bedroom.

The fan said this: “OK Mommy Hot🔥🔥🔥🔥 loving them boots Tiny!!! and freaky painting😍😍😍. U hard what Nicole said. Lol. You do what you want, that is ur bxness. I love u gues; I honestly feel like I’m apart of the family, we’ve watched all your kids grow up, saw some highs and lows. But at the end of the day, the family bond remains the same. God bless y’all, love each of you.

This supporter claimed: “Tiny looks so pretty, and her body is hot, Lord knows I will never understand how we as African Americans talk about Whites & the things they do, but here we are never being supportive, or uplifting one another. If people in this world would Treat others the way, they want to be treated the people in this world would be so much better. For all the Trolls, I’ve said this before, no I’m not related to Tip or Tiny, but who have room to judge anyone and their appearance? Absolutely no one. Learn how to be happy for #BlackLove, #Blackexcellence, and more. Stop fueling social media with all that negative energy. Real Women don’t do that, Trolls do. Okay, Happy Sunday & Go Find a Man you can be happy with. @troubleman31 Well said my brother in Christ. 💥”

Tiny is a proud free spirit.


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