Monday, April 22, 2019

Ray J Has Fans In Tears As He Pays Tribute To Trailblazing Sister Brandy In Sweet Video For Paving The Way -- Princess Love"s Husband Wants People To Give Loved Ones Their Flowers While They Can Still Enjoy Them -

Grab a tissue because Ray J is making people cry with his latest video where he pays tribute to his older sister, Brandy Norwood, for paving the way for him in the music and entertainment industry.

Princess Love’s husband eventually transitioned into a highly-successful businessman with his Raycon company.

Ray J told Brandy thanks for all that she has done for the Norwood family and explained that he wants to give her flowers while she is alive.

It seems like many people; Ray J was moved by the way that the world is praising Nipsey Hussle for being a great man after he was gone.

The clip went viral, and one supporter said: “That’s sooo beautiful💖…Mind you ..Brandy tip toeing right towards icon status… 💯❤️I’m trying to focus I promise but ray looking like a snack. 😩 😊”

Another commenter stated: “Love this !! Brandy is such a gift !!!! Literally an angel in disguise. This is so sweet and true. You got it Ray👍Family 1st Nobody Love us like Family who is Always there got our backs❤️😘 Shout out to Brandy🤗 🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺💐 Appreciate our loved ones today because tomorrow is NOT promised!”

This follower claimed: “This was so beautiful !!! She’s truly one of a kind! I love y’all relationship! It’s the real deal 💕😍Not just my sister but one of the most amazing human beings that I know! I love you; I like you, I life you. You and ray j should have been twins because yall look just a like me and my sister

Luv the bond that yalll have that’s right ray j acknowledge yr sister sometimes we just want to hear those words we r appreciated ❤yall.”

Brandy recently praised her brother for making a multi-million dollar deal.

Brandy said: “Hey everybody 🔶 My bro just sold his company #SCOOTeBIKE to a Canadian company called #LOOPSHARE 🔶@RayJ is the vessel that Inspired the

Best/Hottest/ Lookin’ Bikes, and has the safest process to get around Your City! This Connection will change the game in this #BikeIndustry. I can’t wait until you experience The #SCOOTeBIKE

(which is NOW officially OFF to the TOP with the #LOOP family!!!!!)

S C O O T e B I K E is A #PublicCompany! #SCOOTeBIKEpublicCompany


Proud of you @RayJ.”

The two siblings seem to be in a good place.


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