Monday, April 8, 2019

Toya Wright Praises Robert Rushing As A Dad, And Shares Gorgeous Pictures With Him And Their Daughter, Reign Rushing - Fans Are In Awe -

Toya Wright is feeling blessed to have met a man such as Robert Rushing, Reigny’s dad. She shared some new pics featuring Robert and Reigny, and they are completely heart-melting.

You can definitely see from the pics just how much the man adores his baby girl and vice-versa.

‘A good father will leave his imprint on his daughter for the rest of her life.” ❤️ #blessed,’ Toya captioned her post.

Fans were in awe to see the pics and most of them have been saying in the comments section that Reigny is definitely Robert’s twin.

One of her fans had a few things to tell Toya: ‘Toya I don’t know you but thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family (Your mom, your girls, your brothers, sisters, best friends…etc.) with us here in the world. From NOLA to the ATL. You are a strong, amazing mother that can jell on both sides of the track. Continue to be you. May God continue to favor you in all areas of your life.’

Someone else said ‘Both of your daughters have been blessed with great fathers!!!!!!’

One other commenter wants to see more videos with Reigny as well: ‘Toya! I want to see videos of her and hearing her voice and all the motor skills she is using. 💕💕💕💕’

A supporter said that ‘It’s crazy how when I see pics without him I swear she looks just like him. But now that’s he’s holding her she looks more like you! Either way, she’s gorgeous!’

Not too long ago, Toya shared more pics with both of her daughters, Reigny and Reginae Carter as well and fans were blown away by the cutie pie’s pose in some photos. She is posing like she’s modeling, according to some fans.

Toya also commemorated her late brother Rudy Johnson with a photo and Nae did the same.

It would have been his birthday, and they wanted to mark the event and praise his memory.


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