Saturday, April 27, 2019

Tiny Harris Finally Responds To Kodak Black For Calling Her Ugly With Gorgeous Picture Where She Dresses Like Miss Piggy -- T.I."s Wife Turns Insults To Power -

Diva Tiny Harris has decided to answer Kodak Black for trying to insult her by calling her Miss Piggy in his diss track towards T.I.

In his nasty feud with T.I. over lewd comments he made about Lauren London after the passing of Nipsey Hussle, Black took it very far by insulting the entire Harris family.

Black said Tiny was ugly because she looked like Miss Piggy and wanted to get T.I.P.’s bright college-bound teen daughter pregnant.

The controversial rapper from Florida also bashed Tiny and T.I.P.’s sons using a homophobic slur.

Tiny decided to turn insults to power by writing: “Channeling Ms/Mrs. Piggy…That Bitch who had it all!!! 🤪 Make sure u catch her on @therealdaytime wit my love @thatshekinah at 1 pm today!! Coming up now!! 👑🏆⭐️🏦💰💎 Glam”

Fans love the response.

One person said: “Yes, Queen 😍💖😍 Mrs. Piggy was a rich, fabulous/ glamorous btch! Language can be toned down. She is a beautiful woman. If any of you have a female dog. That’s your bitch!!!! Respect yourself if nobody else does. If you know better, you can do better. What’s in your vocabulary can talk you farther believe it or not. Some people wonder why they don’t get any father. You slow down your own blessing with the words you use. Negative does not go with Positive. Just sharing. Now that’s how you turn insults to power 💅🏾PERIOD!!!! 🤑🤑”

Another commenter stated: “Embrace the hate 😂😂😂 damn so she just gone flip the Kodak line like that . and you’re forever FINE in my humble opinion! TUH! 😝Tiny ur so pretty u don’t look like no Mrs piggy whoever said that is a hater ur, gorgeous girl.”

This Instagram user replied: “Like yesssss!! 💪🏽 Come through tiny and shut the shit down. Since mfers want to talk shit, 😂😩 this just gave my life & you look dope .. so boom! Okurrrrrrrrrrr 😘”

This supporter shared: “Ms. piggy got that bag that’s what they don’t understand. Baby Ms.Piggy Fine 😍🤤 And Kermit Is Lucky Shiddddd 🙌🙌 Love me some @majorgirl! You have been the isH since Just Kickin it and before then …God bless beautifully. 🙏🏾”

This follower loved the clap-back: “And that’s how YOU clap back on em❤❤❤ tiny you always been the sht 💋💋Beautiful inside and out! Talented always and a great mother to ALL her children! Has her husbands back no matter what! A real woman 💗 and can dress her ass off!!!”

Tiny is not afraid of Black.


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