Friday, April 19, 2019

Porsha Williams Flaunts Postpartum Body While On Date With Dennis McKinley Amid Rumors She Is Already Thinking About Baby Number 2 -

Porsha Williams is being applauded after she debuted her postpartum body while heading on a romantic rendezvous with fiancé Dennis McKinley.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star welcomed her first child — a baby girl named Pilar Jhena McKinley — just a few weeks ago.

Dennis’s future wife, who shared almost every detail of her pregnancy with her fans, has decided to keep it real.

Unlike other celebrity moms, Porsha has opted to show the world what a realistic post-c-section shape looks like and her fans love that.

One mother told Porsha: “Thank you for not hiding your postpartum body. You still popping Boo!!!😘You look fantastic. I was a hot mess for months after I had my kids. You have always been beautiful to me, but this soft beat, and your hair not curled….idk this is still so beautiful to me!! 😍😍😍 This look makes you look more relatable to people like us than looking like a celebrity! And it’s just absolutely gorgeous!!”

Another commenter cheered her on by saying: “Dann how y’all be out and about already. This is what a realistic post-c-section shape looks like. When I had my son Dr. Said 6 damn weeks. Y’all worried about the snapback I was worried about a setback 😩😆 times have Changed.”

This third fan stated: “Lookin good af😍🔥🙌🏾 do it den momma😘Thank you for being so transparent in what a postpartum body looks like 😘😘Don’t get pregnant again eating oysters 😂!”

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life is claiming that Porsha is so in love with baby PJ that she is already thinking about having another one.

The source claimed: “Porsha is absolutely thriving as a new mom. She is telling everyone she is truly the happiest she’s ever been and is in an utter state of true bliss. [Porsha] wrapped her spin-off recently and parts of her labor were filmed. Motherhood has come so naturally to Porsha, and nobody would be shocked if she tried for a second baby sooner than later.”

The friend also revealed: “Seeing Dennis cuddle and help and be so hands-on with the baby makes her fall even harder for him. Dennis is quite hands-on, but Porsha likes doing everything herself. There’s nothing about this baby and being a mommy she doesn’t like, and you can see more and more of Porsha in her every day. She’s that happy and that much of a natural.”

Porsha looks radiant in motherhood.


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