Sunday, April 28, 2019

Jordyn Woods" Fans Tell Her That She Needs To Make A Documentary About Her Nigeria Trip - Haters Accuse Her Of Race Issues -

Jordyn Woods spent a while in Nigeria and judging by her Instagram posts, she had the best time there. This came right after the huge scandal involving Tristan Thompson who hit on her during one of his house parties.

As you all know, after the scandal, the friendship between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn seemed to come to an end, and there’s no official news that things are different today.

When Jordyn was asked by the paparazzi not too long ago how she feels about Kylie, she responded that she will always have love for her.

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Fans are hoping that eventually, these two will manage to be friends again.

But, meanwhile, Jordyn has been living her best life in Nigeria, and her fans were happy to see her posts.

Someone even told her that she needs to make a documentary about her trip.

‘I love this Jordyn!!! You need to make a documentary on how you felt being in the motherland, how connected your felt, how this will impact your future, and which advice based on this trip you can spare to the rest of us African descendent. IT WILL BE AWESOME!!! You are using your platform just right. #ProudBlackWomen.’ the fan told Jordyn.

Someone told Jordyn ‘When you left the Kardashians you went BLACK BLACK. Back to your roots and all lol. Okurt.’

Another follower shaded Jordyn and said ‘But like now she wanna be around black people?! I’m confused… Sis gets dropped by Kylie and decides she’s black now??? After years of just choosing to engage with white people?’

Her fans quickly jumped in the comments to defend her after such accusations.

One fan said ‘I never seen so much negativity on a person just trying to get her life together. Wtf are y’all doing with y’all lives? Y’all worried about the wrong things.’

A follower warned Jordyn ‘The Kardashians want to bury you 😀😀😀😀they didn’t know your seed baby, keep growing.’

Not too long ago, some of the followers accused Jordyn of photoshopping her pics.


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