Monday, April 1, 2019

T.I. And Tiny Harris" Daughter, Heiress Harris Was Gorgeous At Her Third Birthday Party - See The Family Videos - Fans Are Begging Haters To Stop The Negativity -

Tiny Harris and rapper T.I. have recently celebrated Heiress Harris’ third birthday. Now, a couple of videos surfaced, and the baby girl is not a baby girl anymore; she’s turning into a gorgeous young lady really fast.

Just check out the videos below.

Someone wrote ‘I think this little girl is ahead of her time,’ while another commenter said ‘Kids will talk about their birthday all month long and look like this when it’s finally here.😩😂’

Ont other person joked and had a few words for T.I.: ‘OMG Tip leave her alone she ain’t interested in dad right now she want to see the presents and eat cake. 😂😂😂’

A supporter believes that ‘Heiress will change the world and I’m ready 😂💗 Happy birthday pretty girl. 😘😘’

A fan said that ‘At first glance, I thought that was Precious wow they look so much alike R.I.P and happy birthday princess.’

Someone had a few words for the haters because as you all know, even kids have haters these days on social media, that’s how heartless people are.

‘With the death of Nipsey, you would think people would want to stop being so mean in the comment sections! Life is too short! To be writing he is “overrated” “I can’t stand her” comments & etc… please stop writing all the negative things that come to your head!!! Stop the hate & the negativity! Stop it! Please!❤️ God bless✨’ a person said, and they are completely right.

Tiny recently posted lots of pics and videos for her baby’s birthday on her social media account, and some fans have been waiting to see Tip’s message.

The rapper posted a lengthy emotional message for Heiress’ birthday that had fans praising him in the comments section and telling him he’s the best dad.


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