Saturday, April 20, 2019

Teresa Giudice Misses Joe"s Presence Around The Holidays But Has "Mixed Feelings" About Him Most Of The Time -

During his 41 months behind bars, it looks like Teresa Giudice has managed to get used to life without her husband. Regardless, since Joe might be deported, she has been thinking of how much she’ll miss him, especially around the holidays.

Teresa has pretty much been a single mother to their four daughters during all this time and now, it’s likely that her situation will become permanent if Joe is sent to his native Italy.

The man’s appeal was denied and while he’s going to keep on fighting the decision, the chances that he’ll remain in the States become less and less as time goes by.

Furthermore, Teresa also did 11 months in prison back in 2015 and she still allegedly resents him for it.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Teresa has been having mixed feelings when it comes to how she feels about Joe. When he first went away, she vowed to stand by his side no matter what. But as time went on and she adjusted to life without him, the anger set in more. Teresa was furious that Joe’s actions made her miss out on time with her mom before she passed away and resented him for putting her in the position to serve any time in jail.’

‘That hostility allowed Teresa to find her own independence and give her the strength to strive as a single mom,’ the source went on to tell the news outlet.

But in the end, since she’s been with Joe since they were just teenagers, she still misses him from time to time ‘especially when holidays come around.’

Of course, more than anything, she feels heartbroken for their daughters who don’t get to experience a lot of special moments growing up, with their father.


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