Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Khloe Kardashian Throws The Ultimate Shade At Tristan Thompson Following True Thompson"s Birthday - People Tell Her To Drop The Subliminal Messages Because He Doesn"t Care -

Khloe Kardashian celebrated True’s first birthday during the past weekend. Even if some people have been taken by surprise, Tristan Thompson did show up at his daughter’s party.

Previously, it was reported that Khloe was worried that Tristan might do something to ruin the event.

She was also expecting him not to show up at all, according to some sources. But things went quite differently.

It seems that there were more people at the event who pointed out that Tristan looked lovely by Khloe’s side, and hearing this, some fans were even hoping that the two might get back together.

According to the latest rumors, Tristan is more desperate than ever to get another chance at fixing things with Khloe after the event.

Anyway, judging by Khloe’s latest posts on Instagram she doesn’t seem to feel the same.

She had a message for some ‘men’ on her social media account, telling them to imagine that their daughter is dating someone like them. Ouch!

Check out her message below.

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#KhloeKardashian coming through with a word!!

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Some people don’t seem to understand why Khloe keeps posting these subliminal messages, and they believe that Tristan could not care less.

Someone told Khloe ‘Also be the woman you want your daughter to be …give it a rest 🤦🏽‍♀️.’

One other commenter said ‘Message, if they don’t care about breaking your heart, they not going to care about your subliminal posts!’

A follower posted ‘At this point, Tristan is gonna have to fake his death to get away from Khloe. 🙄’

Someone defended Khloe and said ‘Y’all leave her TF alone! People hurt and heal differently.’

Here’s what someone else wrote ‘“Dear Single Woman, Close your eyes. Imagine a man with a baby on the way. Now take him from the baby’s beautiful mother in the dream. Now wake up and open your eyes. Is he still with you?” 😅😴 #SweetDreamsKhloe.’

What do you think about the fact that Khloe keeps posting these so-called subliminal messages? Does Tristan care?


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