Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Chris Brown Hangs Out With His Daughter, Royalty And Fans Say She"s The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Him - kkccb.net

Chris Brown took his daughter, Royalty to work and fans could not be happier to see him hanging out with her like that. He captioned the photo saying that she’s his twin. Check out the pic below.

Fans have been gushing over him in the comments section and most of them said that this cute girl managed to bring out the best in him and Royalty definitely made him a better man.

His diehard fans already forgot the Rihanna episode saying that people should move on from that and look at the great man he became today.

Someone said ‘Royalty brings out the best in him 😭💛,’ and another person agreed and said ‘Honestly his child is the best thing that could have happened to him.’

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One follower wrote ‘I love the new Chris ♥️ . Y’all still judge him for Him and Riri .. he’s a good father forget the past yo.’

Someone else said ‘As he should! She definitely brings out a good side of him. 😍’

One commenter brought up the past and wrote ‘yall still saying “what he did to Rihanna” when you should be saying “what Rihanna provoked causing him to react in a way which set his career off track and gave him a bad name for so long. “also stop bringing it up if you don’t know the full story.’

Another fan said ‘Him becoming a father has made him a better man ❤️’

A supporter posted this: ‘He’s really so unproblematic and just an excellent father…I will never understand people’s problem with him.’

It’s true that people can be mean sometimes and you probably saw that the last time this pair was in the spotlight.

Chris took Royalty at the kiddy spa where she got a beauty treatment just like grown ladies.

But what people noticed in the photo online was the fact that she’s wearing a Gucci t-shirt and the drama unfolded.


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