Monday, April 1, 2019

Here"s The Last Heartbreaking Video That Fans Have Of Nipsey Hussle And Lauren London Together - People Are Worried Sick About Her -

The whole community and the music industry is in shock. People cannot understand how and why this latest tragedy had to happen and who killed Nipsey Hussle.

The details regaring his shooting are very violent, and everyone is blown away.

The rapper was shot to death right in front of his own clothing store in L.A. He was only 33 years old.

A lot of his celebrity friends and fellow artists were quick to react to the tragedy, taking to social media to pay tribute to him. These included Rihanna, Lil’ Wayne and Drake.

Tiny Harris and T.I. also had some words after Nipsey’s passing.

Toya Wright, Rasheeda Frost, Kandi Burruss, and more – everyone is shocked.

His friends have posted kind messages in his memory, and they are all sending prayers to the family, especially Lauren London.

People are really concerned about her well being. The last video that fans got to enjoy of these two amazing people together was a GQ quiz during which he is asked 30 questions about Lauren.

‘Rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle. The GQ community sends its love to Lauren London and the family.,’ GQ posted.

A fan said ‘My heart is so broken for her. She was smiling so hard during this. You can see the love. Nipsey is a legend.’

One other person wrote ‘When he said “we will be back for how well she knows me” makes me cry. 😭’

Someone else is also in shock and said ‘RIP Nipsey Hussle! I can’t believe it, this came out only a few days ago, and now he is no longer with us. My heart goes out to Lauren and their family.’

One person believes that this video is a memory that should be cherished: ‘That was beautiful! Something she will be able to look at and remember how she felt in these last moments with him. Geesh this is heartbreaking!’

Rest in Peace, Nipsey and may God comfort the ones you have left behind.


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