Friday, April 12, 2019

After Wendy Williams Has Finally Decided To File For Divorce From Kevin Hunter Her Fans Are Offering Their Full Support And Cannot Wait To See Her Free And Living Her Best Life -

It was recently reported that Wendy Williams has finally taken the decision that a lot of people say she should have taken earlier. But, as they say, better later than never.

She finally decided to file from divorce from her cheating husband Kevin Hunter who has been having a relationship with Sharina Hudson for quite a while now.

Sharina has also reportedly given birth to a baby, and that’s when Wendy relapsed and landed in the hospital.

Wendy’s attorney has reportedly confirmed to Page Six that she did file to divorce her husband of 21-years.

Another source also told the same online publication about Wendy’s decision.

Hollywood Life online magazine also revealed Kevin’s reaction to this unexpected change.

Now, they’re back with more news which reveals the reason for which Wendy finally decided that she had enough.

A source told the magazine that ‘Wendy hit her breaking point. She lost total trust in [Kevin], and once that trust was gone, it was the final straw.’ Well, this doesn’t hit anyone as a surprise, that’s for sure.

Her fans are here for her, and they made sure to offer Wendy their full support on social media.

Someone told Wendy ‘I’m praying for you and your son. You have a lot of people who love you and are very happy you got out of that awful situation. From the outside, it looked like he was abusing you and I hope you can move on to healing that trauma. Sending you and little Kevin so much love and light. ♥️’

Another person said ‘Can’t wait for all the haters to say she needs to discuss her divorce. If these people had a clue, they would know she can’t, or he will use it against her in court. She will talk eventually. “Trust me you.”’

A supporter wrote on social media ‘I’m more interested in seeing Wendy living her best life for the remainder 2019. 💖🙏🏼👏🏼🙌🏽’

One other commenter told Wendy that they love her and they’re right here for her: ‘@wendyshow You do it best lady! Thank you for showing us how to go through LIFE! The good, the bad and the ugly and get ourselves up every day, brush ourselves off, secure our bag, take care of our kids and keep on keeping on! We love you!!!!!💜💜💜’

What do you think about Wendy finally deciding to end her marriage?


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