Sunday, April 14, 2019

Kandi Burruss Says She And Todd Tucker Rushed Home From Thailand Just To Make It On Time For Riley Burruss" First Prom -

Kandi Burruss’ fans know she and Todd Tucker have been to Thailand during the past few days. The cute couple celebrated their 5th anniversary, and Todd made sure to take Kandi to the trip of her dreams.

Kandi documented their short vacay on social media for all her fans and followers to see the gorgeous placed that she’s visited.

In the latest posts on Instagram, Kandi tells people that she and Todd rushed home to make sure they’re on time for Riley Burruss’ first prom.

Of course, Kandi shared videos and pics with her gorgeous daughter. Riley looked stunning in a red dress, and her mom could not be any prouder.

‘I look a mess in these pics, but I had to get a picture with my baby @rileyburruss for her first prom! I rushed back from Thailand to make sure we were here for it. (Riley just decided a week ago that she was going…). Thank you @beeombi for making this beautiful dress for her so fast! & of course, thank you @therealnoigjeremy @sewjodie & @taetv for getting her together today! 📸 @morrisde,’ Kandi captioned the post which includes more photos of her and lovely Riley.


Fans tell Kandi that she’s far from looking like a mess and they adore the fact that Kandi posed like this, like a mom ‘with house shoes and all.’

Someone said ‘Those are the best… you look like a mom and not a celebrity!!!! You do both well though!’

Another follower posted ‘You definitely don’t look a mess Kandi you look beautiful, and Riley looks beautiful I love this!! 😍❤️.’


A supporter told Kandi: ‘No, you don’t look a mess! You look like a real black momma house shoes and all! Lol, I love it.’

Riley looked like a queen indeed. Congrats, Kandi for raising such a gorgeous and nice girl.


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