Saturday, April 27, 2019

Tamar Braxton Pens Heartfelt Apology To One Of Her Sisters After Slamming Producers For Making Her Look Crazy On "Braxton Family Values" -

After going on a rant about producers setting her to look bad, Tamar Braxton has decided to post an emotional apology to her sister, Traci.

After the last episode of Braxton Family Values aired, Tamar took to social media to say that she is fed up with the fact that the producers of the show never tell the whole story.

They always show her as a horrible sister who is getting in fights. Tamar was seen in a scuffle with Traci and even though fans say she was innocent, she decided to be the bigger person.

She wrote: “Ion care who did or said what… negative Outside influences could NEVER get me to stop trying to fix the gift of sisterhood that God has blessed us with!! I have absolutely NO PRIDE, and I humbly apologize for however I have wronged you and promise Always To try and do my part and never stop trying!! I’m SUPER proud of my Big Sister🥰I love you @therealtracibraxton (Since THIS wasn’t and never is the scene🙄 this is the next best thing)💕🥰 #sistersforever #THEREALBFV.”

One fan said: “It’s Cliff he hates the sister bond that all of you have even a blind person can see that. It wasn’t your fault Tam. Big of you to apologize anyway. I love all of you ❤️❤️❤️They always try to make Tamar look crazy, shady or just plain wrong. Ugh. Producers & editors….can all of you find a different angle??”

Another commenter stated: “From what I watched you did absolutely nothing wrong, I really hate the fact that you’re always the one apologizing for something, BUT I get the sisterhood is what matters.”

This Instagram user explained: “I’m trying to stay neutral, but it doesn’t seem that Traci is going to ever choose you over her husband and manager when it comes to business and now she’s RT things that only add fuel to the fire. You seem always to be the one apologizing, and it takes yall not talking for months, and you were crying your heart out for her to even think about moving on. I know they don’t air everything and I’m just outside looking in but the season started with the two of you not speaking then you taking the initiative only to get blamed again. 😒 as a fan, it’s sad to watch because yall were so close to getting back, but even when you’re the victim, you’re the villain.”

Tamar is trying to do better.


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