Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Ivanka Trump Lets 3-Year-Old Son To Sleep On The Floor And People Mock Her By Saying It"s Still ‘Better Than A Cage’ -

The internet never forgets, especially not something like that! After Ivanka Trump shared a picture of one of her kids, Theodore, 3, sleeping on the floor on some pillows, people used this opportunity to mock her for her dad’s infamous immigration policy that had young kids put in cages away from their parents!

It seems like Ivanka was just trying to share a lighthearted family moment with her followers but unfortunately for her, social media users had something else in mind!

She even joked that ‘We may need to bring the crib back… ,’ in the caption but the responses were harsh.

In the pic, the child can be seen sleeping on the floor on pillows between the two beds in the room.

Obviously, the empty one is his, while the other is his 5 year old brother Joseph’s, who was sleeping peacefully on it.

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We may need to bring the crib back… 🤣

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Soon, people started to compare Theodore sleeping on the floor with the experience of thousands of immigrant kids who made headlines for being forced to sleep on the floor as well, but in cages, separated from their families.

As you may remember, this happened because of Trump’s hugely criticized immigration policy.

Here are a few of the comments mocking Ivanka by making reference to the ‘zero-tolerance’ law: ‘Why not just put them in cages like you do with the other ones?’ / ‘At least he isn’t in a cage. Oh yeah, he’s white not brown.’ / ‘Can you also get cribs for all the children you’re separating from their families at the border?’ / ‘It’s better than a cage.’


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