Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Reign Rushing Steals The Show At Her Birthday Party In The Latest "T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle" Episode - See The Video - kkccb.net

Toya Wright shared the trailer for the latest episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle yesterday. The center event was, of course, Reign Rushing’s birthday party.

All your favorite people attended, and another cutie pie who was there is Tiny Harris’ daughter, Heiress Harris who was brought by her older sister, Zonnique Pullins.

From the trailer, you learn that Tiny is in LA and she could not make it to the party.

Check out the video below and see Reigny being gorgeous.

Someone said ‘Lil boy dancing with Reign lol that’s cute.❤️’

One follower posted ‘Reign shook her head and said no she had a long day riding on the bus all the way back before her party 🎉😍❤️’

Someone else said ‘I love when a baby doesn’t whine. She doesn’t mind talking to people.’

A supporter believes that Reign needs her very own show: ‘She needs her own show… she has her own personality… 💖’

Another Instagrammer said ‘so cute!!! Kids have no problem telling you what they want and don’t want! ❤️’

A fan gushed over Reign’s party and said ‘Reign’s party was so beautifully done!!! Have you & your sister got any closer since y’all film the show?? @toyawright.’

Someone else posted ‘So sweet and the episode next week I can definitely relate when it comes to relationships within family🙏🏾 @toyawright.’

Other than this, Toya also shared a ton of pics with Reign for Easter, and the cutie pie is just gorgeous.


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