Monday, April 22, 2019

Lauren London Is Consoled By Tiny Harris, Ashanti, And Tamar Braxton After She Shares Heartbreaking New Picture About Missing Nipsey Hussle -

A broken-hearted Lauren London briefly returned to social media to share her pain of going through her first holiday without her soulmate, Nipsey Hussle.

The mother of two was showered with love by many of her close friends including Tiny Harris, Ashanti, and Tamar Braxton.

On Easter Sunday, Lauren shared a picture of the slain rapper and businessman where she is gazing at him while he was conducting an interview. Lauren captioned the photo: “Missing you.”

Many celebrities showed up in the comment section to show Lauren some love and support. T.I.’s wife Tiny said this: “That’s the look of love💙.” Both Tamar and Ashanti posted a pair of love and prayer hands emojis.

Thousands of fans wrote to Lauren and said they are praying for her and they hope that she knows that Nipsey will forever be present with her wherever she goes.

One supporter stated: “I couldn’t imagine meeting a man that is what you want on all levels ( spiritual, mental and physical) and that person be taken away from you that hurts to see her go thru that honestly sending her love and light man.✨”

Another Instagrammer shared: “U can see in her smile & the way she looks at him that she really loves him😩😩💯I would just lay in his spot and not move for a few days. Damn. I was okay until I saw this…now I’m sad again. I feel for all of them during this difficult time. Damn…I can’t imagine this pain.”

This person explained: “This makes me cry all over again. Like damn it just makes no sense. I hate that for them.I’m glad she posted this because when the spotlights go down and the cameras go away, it’s easy to forget that his family is in sincere pain. I pray that God heal what’s hurting you Lauren💔this must be a hard pill to swallow😢but I’m sure he’s smiling for Heaven above, and his soul is traveling around your presence on Earth🙏🏾Praying still. 🙏🏽”

This fourth comment read: “My heart is breaking for you! I pray God to give you strength during this time and every day after!!! You are just so sweet, honest and just seem all around SOLID!!! I am praying praying praying and praying even more for you ❤️ Help her Lord!!! Be with her and her family!!!”

An entire industry is wishing Lauren well.


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