Thursday, April 11, 2019

Nene Leakes Says That She "Begged" Bravo Executives To Have The Sit Down With Kandi Burruss And Cynthia Bailey That Incriminated Them -

Nene Leakes is not done yet speaking her piece on the demise of her friendship with ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ co-stars Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss. It turns out that the incriminating audio clip between the supermodel and the singer wouldn’t exist had it not been for Nene’s persistence.

If you aren’t aware of what exactly went down, let this serve as a short summary. Nene is beefing with ‘RHOA’ alum Kenya Moore for some shady comments that she made about her via social media. Cynthia was once considered Nene’s good friend, that is until she conspired with Kandi for Kenya to show up at Cynthia’s Seagram’s Escapes launch party.

After the finale party where Mrs. Daly made her surprise appearance, the ‘New Normal’ actress confronted her two frenemies who insisted that Kandi didn’t know Kenya was coming until the last minute whereas Cynthia didn’t know at all.

However, fans were able to hear an incriminating piece of audio where Burruss could be heard warning Bailey that she was ‘mic’d.’ The 52-year-old was captured going over what seemed to be a plan to lie about the Kenya situation.

Nene visited ‘Daily Pop’ where she revealed: “The reason they caught that clip on Cynthia and Kandi, is because I pressed them to do it. They would’ve never done it. Have you ever seen a finale that ended that way? Never! The finale usually ends with everybody in one place, happy, and they show what’s going on in your life. I went to the producers and literally begged… I called all the way to New York to the executives and said, ‘Listen, this girl is stabbing me behind my back. And I’m telling you guys, I want you guys to catch it."”

To this day Cynthia and Kandi deny that they were in cahoots on Kenya’s drop in. Who’s side are you on in this Bravo feud?


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