Thursday, April 11, 2019

Rasheeda Frost Leaves Little To The Imagination In Sheer Outfit Picture As She Gets Religious And Blasts Unbelievers -- Here Is Why She Missed The Mark With Some Critics -

Taking sheer to a new level, Rasheeda Frost unveiled a new photo that has fans drooling. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star decided to flaunt her sexy figure in a sheer neon green outfit where she left little to the imagination.

Kirk’s wife completes the look with bright shoes. She also posted a religious message to help people with haters and unbelievers.

One fan reacted to the post by saying: “God’s not a hit man and my God isn’t vindictive. However, most haters are too busy worrying about others, so they are unable or unwilling to affect positive energy and results in their own life.”

Another commenter stated: “Their day will come. Let it go .. God has you covered. Amen, I needed this look at this hun, God will always have greater in store, remember that! Real women do real things you look so happy and blessed keep being who God called you @rasheeda.”

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A kind note read: “This isn’t surprising. This is what real women do. This child doesn’t know what went on & deserves the same love period 😴oh wow. I’m scared of Rasheeda cause sis toooooo strong. 🥵🥵”

One critic brought up the Jasmine Washington baby mama drama by sharing: “I just want to clarify being a real woman. Being a real woman does not mean you have to sacrifice your happiness repeatedly, tolerate disrespect, and disloyalty. I understand Rasheeda’s decision because I am living the very same thing. My reasoning has nothing to do with material things but 3 things the love I have my husband, the love I have for our son, and his willingness to make things right. Let me tell you this is some hard stuff and through all the smiling their lies so much hurt even years later there is a constant reminder that you didn’t love me enough to be faithful. No the child doesn’t know my son doesn’t know the hurt I feel when he talks about his brother doesn’t know the hurt I feel when he wants to come around, and they will never know they are innocent children. Being real doesn’t mean continue to allow people to hurt you. For me there is no more room for hurt, men be careful you never know when it’s that last straw. Prayers to this family! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️”

Rasheeda is never afraid to take on her critics.


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