Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Jennifer Lopez Says Diddy Apologized To A-Rod For A Comment He Left Under Her Photo - Diddy"s Fans Slam The Way J. Lo Speaks About Him Especially Now - See The Video -

You may recall that at the end of January, it was reported that Jennifer Lopez posted a gorgeous photo of herself in which she was rocking some abs to kill for. While she was flaunting her toned body, it also looked like Diddy was here for it.

He did not hesitate to comment on the photo, but her man, A-Rod also made sure to hop in the comments section to straighten things out.

Now, J. Lo says that Diddy made sure to contact A-Rod and apologize for the whole thing.

Someone said that ‘J. Lo and Diddy were so cute together back in that time I was rooting for them. 😩’

Another commenter does not like the way Jennifer puts the whole thing: ‘Why she is making it seem like her and Diddy’s relationship wasn’t that serious? 😩’

Someone else said ‘I wouldn’t have apologized! I said what I meant and meant what I said.’

Another follower was shocked that Diddy felt the need to apologize: ‘Apologizing for a compliment???’

Fans are not quite here for this situation especially after the latest event invo9lving Diddy.

Yesterday, Diddy posted a video on his social media account in which he was looking exhausted, and after hearing what he had to say, it’s no wonder. He told everyone that he had a three and a half hour cry.

He also told people never to hold their pain and feelings inside and always to let it all out.

The mother of his children passed recently, and now, Nipsey Hussle got killed…everything must have gotten to him. Not to mention that Cassie also left and she’s now happy with someone else.

His fans were concerned, and they made sure to send they love and encouraging messages in Diddy’s comments section.


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