Saturday, April 13, 2019

Lauren London"s Ex-Boyfriend Lil Wayne Shows Nipsey Hussle Love After His Son, Cameron Carter, Stunned At The Memorial -- Some Annoyed Fans Are Still Not Happy -

MC Lil Wayne is known for being very private and this is why many were surprised that he took to Twitter to offer his condolences and pay his respects to the late Nipsey Hussle.

Some believe that Wayne showed love and support to the mother of his son, Lauren London, in private which is why he was not in a rush to jump on Instagram to share his feelings.

Wayne’s tweet comes after a wonderful message from his son, Cameron Carter, at Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service at The Staples’ Center.

One fan said this: “Y’all talking about “Wayne finally showed love” as if he doesn’t have the mother of his child’s number & home address. You don’t know if this man went to see her, Wayne doesn’t even run his accounts. Y’all too invested in social media, I swear.”

Another commenter shared: “First time Wayne been online in ages. Someone says where is Nicki. Nicki and Lauren are friend in REAL LIFE. She doesn’t have to say anything on social media. I am sure she texted or call. No fake love they have a REAL friendship. Stop asking about Nicki. Please and thanks.”

One person reacted to the message by saying: “I’m sure Wayne called Lauren to send his condolences. I don’t know why all of you depend on the media to show love. Wayne knew his son was in good hands with Nip. Wayne knee for sure his son was in good hands real recognize real & Wayne & Nip are both the Goat so thurl and laid back. 🙌🏾💙🤟🏽🏁🕊”

This music lover claimed: “That’s great. Wayne finally showed love. I’m sure he probably did behind closed doors though. I never met him a day in my life and felt his spirit across the world. I can only pray that I live my life in such a way. CIP NIP 💙💙💙🕊🕊 sending love and light to Lauren, the kids, and all his family.”

A fifth Instagrammer wrote: “People have been waiting for lil Wayne to say something and tbh I don’t know why. Yes, we want to see celebrities shoutout NIP, but there is a time and place for everything. I do not ever see a pic of NIP and Wayne together anyway, but I know they must have had a talk one way or another due to fact NIP be around Wayne kid.”

Wayne is known as a free spirit.


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