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Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Are One Big Happy Family With Her Boys On Date Night - kkccb.net

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and her three boys – Kingston, 12, Zuma, 10, and Apollo, 5 – made their red carpet debut together as a family this past weekend when they attended the premiere of UglyDolls at the Regal Cinemas L.A. And, of course, the Wind It Up singer documented the night on her Instagram Story.

In the new animated feature, Shelton voices the character of Ox, a light green rabbit with one eye who is the unofficial mayor of Uglyville. He is a mentor to the other UglyDolls, and he keeps them safe. But, he isn’t just about security – Ox also likes to party.

Shelton explained that his character has a big secret which he has been hiding for a long time, but he did it for the right reasons.

The Voice coach kept it casual for the premiere, wearing a blue plaid shirt, jeans, a navy jacket, and brown boots. Stefani smiled for the cameras while rocking a black top, boyfriend jeans with colorful circle detailing, fishnets, and black heels. She topped off the look with a multi-colored jacket.

“It’s a rare thing for Gwen and I to even get out at all. We don’t really get a chance to do anything. One of the two of us are working, or the kids are in school — it just never works out for us to all go out. We get to do it about four or five times a year — this is one of them,” Shelton told Extra.

Shelton added that he was happy all five of them were able to go to the premiere together. He says the kids were excited to see the movie, and he liked being a part of the project because it has such a great message. The country music superstar also claimed that his “cool points went up” with the boys because he voiced a character in the movie.

Shelton joked that he related to his character because the doll is “super ugly” and he has a “big belly hanging off him.”

During the car ride on the way to the premiere, Stefani shared on her Instagram story all of the UglyDolls billboards that they passed along the way. She also posted some video clips from the red carpet, as well as inside the movie screening and the after-party.

Late last week, Gwen Stefani posted a throwback pic from when she and Blake Shelton started dating in 2015, and they were both coaches on The Voice. The photo showed the two smiling at each other in passing, and she wrote in the caption, “#ticktock #timeflies @blakeshelton #bestie ❤️ gx.”

UglyDolls hits theaters nationwide on May 3rd.


Kandi Burruss Admits She"d Exit ‘RHOA’ If Phaedra Parks Returned - Here"s Why! - kkccb.net

Kandi Burruss made it very clear that if Phedra Parks comes back to Real Housewives of Atlanta, she will leave! The reason is pretty simple – she just has zero desire to ever work with Parks again after what happened between them!

While on The Breakfast Club earlier today, Charlamagne Tha God asked about the rumors that she would leave the show if Phaedra returned.

In response, Kandi did not avoid the question and admitted that ‘Well, technically, yeah. At the end of the day, they [the press] said that I called Bravo and said that. No, I didn’t call Bravo and tell them. Did I say that to anyone? Yes, I did. Basically, I kind of feel like – in real life, if someone, says to you or about you, that you tried to drug someone and sexually assault them, and it comes back that person was lying … would you want to work with that person?’

She recalled how Phaedra told Porsha Williams that Kandi, alongside her husband Todd Tucker wanted to spike Williams’ drink and rape her.

‘So, that’s just how I feel about it. That’s kind of scary to me,’ Kandi mentioned.

While chatting with HollywoodLife, Kandi confessed that if Phaedra got her peach back, she’d leave the show.

‘I just think it’s kind of crazy when you don’t even realize you’re in a battle with a person to the point where they would make up stuff about you. I would not have even ever known she was doing that had Porsha not told it at the reunion.’

It sounds like Kandi just doesn’t want to get involved in another scandal as big as the one caused by Phaedra. She just wants to avoid all the drama!


RHOC Shannon Beador Reaches Private Settlement With Cheater David, Amid Rumors He Is Set To Wed Mistress - kkccb.net

Almost a year-and-a-half after Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador filed for divorce from David Beador, the former couple is officially divorced. Earlier this week, Shannon and David reached a “private settlement” and presented it to an Orange County judge, bringing their 17-year marriage to an end.

According to Radar Online, the settlement came after three days of intense negotiations over finances and custody of their three children – Sophie, 17, Stella, 14, and Adeline, 14. However, the details of the agreement have not been revealed.

David was paying Shannon $22,500 a month in child and spousal support, and he had asked Judge James L. Waltz to lessen the amount, claiming that Shannon made over $1 million last year as a star of RHOC.

An insider says that Shannon is “relieved” that the divorce battle is now behind her. However, neither David nor Shannon has publicly commented about the settlement. She did write on Instagram that she had “a tough day that ended in celebration.”

Shannon and David split in September 2017, and Shannon filed for divorce in December of the same year. Around that same time, David started dating Lesley Cook, and a source says that the couple plans to get married now that David’s divorce is final.

“David and Lesley are very much still together, and they can’t wait for this divorce to behind them,” said an insider. “They are going to get married soon, and want to honeymoon in Paris!”

During Season 13 of RHOC, Shannon struggled with David moving on so quickly, and her co-stars had some problems with how she dealt with the divorce – including Shannon’s tendency to turn to alcohol to deal with her problems.

But, it looks like Shannon has finally made it past all of the divorce drama, and has started dating again. Currently, she is seeing Comcast Spotlight exec, Rick Stanley.

Fans have watched Shannon and David go through many ups and downs during recent RHOC seasons. In Season 10 she revealed that he was unfaithful, but then the couple attempted to rebuild their marriage and had a vow renewal ceremony.

Things turned sour again, with David getting more and more distant and hitting the gym instead of spending time with his family. Shannon ended up gaining 40 pounds through stress-eating which created more problems in the marriage.

Now, Shannon Beador has lost all of that weight and is looking better than ever, and her relationship with David has finally come to an end.

New episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County will return to Bravo in July.


Blac Chyna Teaches Fans How To Treat Their Skin With Respect - kkccb.net

Blac Chyna has been promoting various skin care products for a really long time, and even though a lot of haters bashed her, she continued to support her products from Lashed.

She recently shared her best products for skin care and told her fans on social media how these can help the health of their skin. Check out her posts below.

‘Your skin has a memory. In ten, twenty, thirty years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today. So treat it kindly and with respect. @lashedcosmetics “Brightening Cleansing Set” is for all skin types!’ Chyna captioned one of her posts.

‘Take good care of your skin and hydrate. If you have good skin, everything else will fall into place. @lashedcosmetics,’ another post is captioned.

Here’s what Chyna wrote under a third post in which she was promoting her product: ‘You’re a diamond 💎 Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time. @lashedcosmetics.’

Not too long ago, she also showed fans the miracle product that she is using and which helps her have flawless skin.

It’s the organic skin lightener for which people have bashed her in the past and she decided to advertise it on social media again.

She used to receive a lot of hate for promoting this product and it was also reported that even Rob Kardashian criticized her for this.


Is Porsha Williams Ready To Mend Her Relationship With RHOA OG NeNe Leakes? - kkccb.net

The friendship between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams has seemingly come to an end after an alleged off-camera physical altercation in Leakes’ closet during Season 11 – not to mention their major blowout during the reunion. In a recent interview, Williams updated fans on her and Leakes’ friendship status, and she says the bond the two women once had is beyond repair.

While talking to Hollywood Life, Williams revealed that she hasn’t heard from Leakes since she gave birth to her first child – Pilar Jhena McKinley – last month.

During the Season 11 reunion, Leakes admitted she didn’t send Williams a baby shower gift, and the new mom made it clear that Leakes’ lack of support was hurtful. Williams also called out Leakes for her attitude.

“That makes me feel like any experience I have ever had with you was fake. For you to sit here and say, ‘No, I didn’t get you a gift,’ and ‘No, you’re not my friend,’” Williams said. “That sh*t f**king hurts.”

After the reunion taping, the two had a nasty text exchange, and Williams posted some screenshots of the conversation on social media. During the text conversation, Leakes allegedly called Williams a “lying a** big fat hungry b***h,” and she also wrote that Williams should “try dieting.”

This text exchange happened just six days after Williams gave birth to Pilar. She says it was hard for her to read the fat-shaming messages because it is difficult to get used to her brand new body.

After Williams shared the screenshots, Leakes apparently sent a cease and desist letter, and the 37-year-old says that getting the legal paperwork was a sure sign that their friendship was over.

Instead of focusing on her broken friendship with Leakes, Williams says she is concentrating on being a mom to baby Pilar and planning her wedding to fiance, Dennis McKinley. She explained that busy new moms like herself appreciate the support from friends and family. And, if someone isn’t calling, she isn’t thinking about them.

Currently, Porsha Williams is starring in a three-episode spin-off titled The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Having a Baby which airs Sunday nights on Bravo.


Counting On Star Kendra Caldwell Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump In New Photos With Joseph Duggar - kkccb.net

Counting On stars Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell recently announced that they are expecting their second child, and fans are already on the lookout for a baby bump. During Easter weekend, Caldwell posted a pic of the growing family celebrating the holiday, and while the 20-year-old looked stunning in her pink Easter dress, she still isn’t showing.

Caldwell still looked extremely tiny in her flowy, pink dress, while Duggar stood next to her wearing a suit and tie and held 10-month-old Garrett who rocked a plaid shirt, bright orange shorts, and striped socks.

It’s pretty much the cutest pic the “Little Duggar Family” has posted so far on their new Instagram page, and fans flooded the comments section with compliments.

“Kendra, you are glowing! I love the dress!” wrote one fan, while another added, “You look beautiful in that pink!”

Caldwell previously wore the dress to Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson’s wedding last June just three weeks after she gave birth to Garrett. And, while the dress looks comfortable and stylish, it seems to give the mom-to-be plenty of room for a growing belly.

Duggar and Caldwell announced on April 11th that they were going to be parents again, and said that they were “ready to double the fun” in their house. The couple told Us Weekly that being parents had already proven to be a greater joy than they could have imagined, and they are enjoying every moment and milestone. They added that they are happy to welcome a new addition to their family, and “children really are a blessing from God.”

Caldwell didn’t start the family’s Instagram page until earlier this year, so this will be the first pregnancy she documents on social media. Hopefully, fans will get some fun pregnancy updates from Caldwell similar to Jessa Seewald and Jinger Duggar.

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell have already posted some adorable moments featuring baby Garrett, and fans are excited to watch him grow up over the next few months while waiting for his little brother or sister. And, of course, they will be looking out for a baby bump.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC later this year.


Teresa Guidice And Her Daughters "Overwhelmed" Amid Joe"s Deportation Danger - kkccb.net

Ever since Joe Giudice’s latest appeal was rejected, his wife, Teresa has been stressing out more than ever! The man is currently awaiting deportation and she and their four daughters are overwhelmed.

For months, the family has been fighting to get him clemency but at this point, it doesn’t seem like he will be able to avoid being deported, no matter how much the girls and their mother want to see him back home.

Joe is still in the custody of ICE, waiting for his deportation to Italy.

Not knowing if her husband will be allowed to return home to his family is really overwhelming for the Real Housewives of New Jersey celeb, one insider report mentions.

‘Teresa is feeling overwhelmed and emotional after what was one of the toughest weeks of her life. This was a really hard and emotional week for her and it’s just all becoming so real for her. She truly thought Joe would be able to come home by now and it’s really taking a toll on her and her daughters. She’s extremely emotional right now and trying to do the best she can, but this week took a lot out of her.’

The reality TV star has been doing everything in her power to try and stop Joe’s deportation sentence from happening but as the days go by, it seems more and more hard to avoid.

The mother of four even petitioned her former Celebrity Apprentice boss and current president of the United States, Donald Trump, asking him to pardon Joe.

She also pleaded with Judge John Ellington to send him home, writing in a letter: ‘My husband is the true love of my life and the most amazing father that I could ask God for our four daughters. I cannot imagine life without him. Judge Ellington, my daughters need their father.’


NeNe Leakes Mourns The Death Of John Singleton With An Emotional Message - kkccb.net

NeNe Leakes is one of the many people who is mourning the death of John Singleton these days. He suffered a stroke back on April 17, and he’s been hospitalized since then. People have been praying and hoping that he would recover but this did not happen.

After a lot of struggle, his family decided to take him off life support. Ever since, his family, friends, and fans have been heartbroken.

People keep showing a lot of support on social media to the family and friends of John. NeNe also shared an emotional message on her social media account, and you can check it out below.

‘Dreamer, Storyteller, Gracious, Inspirational, Creative, Visionary, Director all in 1 amazing soul. Rest In Peace #johnsingleton,’ NeNe posted on her social media account.

Someone wrote ‘What a beautiful tribute. 🙏🏽 We’re losing so many of our brothers and sisters to health issues. Father, please comfort and strengthen all who are in mourning.’

After sharing the devastating news, John Singleton will be removed from life support today, his family revealed he ‘quietly struggled with hypertension and high blood pressure.’

In the statement, the Singleton family encouraged all of his fans to visit Heart.org to learn about any symptoms of either condition.

A lot of celebrities have shown support for the family and friends, and they made sure to share many emotional messages on social media.

Let’s keep John’s family and friends in our prayers during such a difficult time. Rest in peace, John.


RHOBH Star Lisa Vanderpump Wants Dorit Kemsley"s Major Money Issues To Be A Storyline Too - kkccb.net

Season 9 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been all about Puppygate, and star Lisa Vanderpump wants to know why it has dominated the narrative. Fans know this because late last week, Vanderpump responded to a tweet about lawsuits against Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, and Dorit Kemsley not being discussed this season.

“You could have aired Erika’s financial issues, Bravo, instead of allowing the ridiculous attack on LVP’s reputation. NOTHING was filmed/said about this…or Kyle/Mo being sued…or Dorit/PK being sued,” read the tweet. “No, let’s hurt LVP for the 4th year!!!”

The 58-year-old restaurateur – who is not speaking to her castmates – responded with one simple word: “exactly.”

Last August, when the RHOBH women traveled to the Bahamas, a video surfaced of a woman confronting Kemsley over money she allegedly owed Ryan Horne, her former Beverly Beach partner. The woman screamed “You cheap b***h!” at Kemsley after Horne claimed he fronted Doris and her husband PK $200,000 for her swimsuit line, but they never paid the money back once the line started making a profit.

Dorit filed a countersuit, saying Horne was a “vendor,” and earlier this year the judge ordered the case into mediation.

Several episodes of RHOBH during Season 9 documented the cast trip to the Bahamas, but they completely left out the incident. The show has also failed to mention PK’s additional legal troubles, which include a lawsuit against him for failure to pay a $75,000 gambling debt.

Then there is Jayne and Richards, whose husbands are facing their own legal battles. Jayne’s husband, Tom Girardi, a partner at the law firm Girardi Keese, is facing a $15 million lawsuit from Law Finance Group over an unpaid loan.

Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky and his real estate company, The Agency, are also involved in a lawsuit over the sale of a Malibu mansion. According to Page Six, Sweetwater Malibu LLC claims that Umansky and his company manipulated them into selling the home for $32.5 million before flipping the house and reselling the property for $69.9 million.

Despite all of the legal drama in the cast, the focus of Season 9 continues to be Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy, and Vanderpump is sick of it. She recently confessed that filming this season was so difficult, she had to take antidepressants and go to grief counseling. In addition to Puppygate, LVP has also had to deal with the unexpected death of her brother.

Lisa Vanderpump has not yet revealed if she will show up for the Season 9 reunion, or if she will return next season.