Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Precious Harris" Daughter Gets Her Mom"s Face Tattooed Following Her Death - Tiny Harris Loves It; See The Photo - kkccb.net

Everyone probably knows by now that the Harris family has recently suffered a tremendous loss. T.I.’s sister, Precious Harris was involved in a car accident which took the woman away from her loved ones.

Tip, Tiny Harris and the rest of the family were inconsolable, but they did their best to try and move forward because they knew that this is what Precious would have wanted them to do.

Tip imagined having a conversation with Precious, and it’s heartbreaking. More fans and followers told him that they were in tears while reading it.

In another post, Tip made Precious a promise.

Tip’s family, friends, and fans were here for him, and their followers and fans have been supporting the whole family on social media.

But at one point, Tip’s actions made some fans feel disrespected by him, and they were not able to understand his attitude – why he kept celebrating instead of looking all broken. Tip tried to do what Precious would have wanted, that was all.

Kamaya Harris, Precious’ daughter, has also spoken out about how devastated she’s been after her mother’s death.


Hot New Hip Hop reveals that she has recently got her mom’s face tattooed in her memory. You can see the photo below.

‘Shouts out to @vanjohnsonofficial for tatting my mama on me 🥰.. Lol I love it so much lol even tho I know she up there like “now why in the hell would you tat my face” 😂😂 she hated portraits but I had to 🤷🏽‍♀️😊 #LongLivePrecious 🕊’ Kamaya captioned her post.

Tiny Harris commented and said: ‘Oh I love it so much like it’s on my arm!!! He did an amazing job!! LongLiveMySis😻❤️’

A follower said ‘Wowwwwww! I love it when it truly looks like the person. Beautiful! Keep the videos coming your Mom was so funny! Hugs to you !!!’

Another supporter wrote that ‘My mom got mad cause I tatted her name on me. When you love your momma, you love your momma!!! 😊’

If this makes Kamaya happy, then there’s no problem with what she did. RIP, Precious!


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