Thursday, March 28, 2019

Johnny Depp Hopes To Get Redemption After Filing Defamation Lawsuit Againsit Amber Heard - Regrets Falling For Her! -

According to new reports, all that the actor really needs is to repair his tarnished image. As you know, Johnny Depp has filed a defamation lawsuit against his former wife, fellow actress Amber Heard after she falsely accused him of domestic abuse.

Apparently, he feels ‘completely used by’ Amber and regrets ever falling in love with her.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Johnny hopes his suit delivers redemption for him as he feels like he has never been in a relationship which has cost him so much in his career and personal life. He feels that Amber is totally out of line with every allegation she has ever made about him.’

Heard previously accused Depp of verbally and physically abusing her all throughout their 15 months long marriage, to the point that she was fearing for her life.

In May of 2016, she filed for divorce, which was finalized in January of the following year.

But their split was not even close to peaceful as it came along with domestic abuse accusations.

While the star has kept mostly silent on the whole drama, now, a couple of years later, he’s had enough of people seeing him as a wife beater.

Building his defense has taken time but now, it’s pretty clear that in fact, Johnny was the real victim in their toxic relationship.

‘It hurts Johnny because he had no idea how angry and vindictive Amber could be. Johnny feels desperate to repair his image. He is hoping this case will clear his name so that his fans and the studios will know that he is not the monster that Amber portrays him to be,’ the source also shared with the news outlet.

In the new court documents, Johnny’s defense insists that Amber’s domestic abuse claims were part of a hoax she put together just to advance her career at the expense of his.


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