Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tamar Braxton Dumps Boyfriend Yemi And Blasts Her Sisters For Ruining Her Birthday -- Trina"s Wedding Proposal Led To These Emotional Videos -

Diva Tamar Braxton has a lot going on — she has ended her romance with her Nigerian boyfriend, Yemi.

Tamar also got in a nasty fight with her sisters because they did not throw her a birthday party.

Instead, all the Braxton sisters gathered on a special day to drink wine, talk, and Trina’s boyfriend decided to propose.

Tamar posted a few videos where she is screaming at her sisters for not getting her any gifts.

Fans are torn by Tamar’s reaction; some say she is right to be upset by the fact that her sister got engaged on her birthday. Others say she is being childish.

A critic wrote: “Gurlll grow up and stop posting personal things on social media.”

One fan stated: “I’m laughing at all yall telling her to get over it. But let it had been you on your Birthday, and your sisters played you like that. And then someone proposes in the middle of your heated discussion. Tell me you will just get over it. Yall fight family over less than that. They were wrong for that proposal for your birthday celebration tho…IJS @tamarbraxton 😩is said I give out Gucci bags for Christmas!! Period! I feel this energy.”

Another commenter stated: “Sis I’m sorry that happened on UR day‼️ Honestly, you better than me because they are sitting there chatting it up while I got an attitude…I would’ve TASEDDDD everybody 😭 then told them get out ✌🏽Yeah don’t do a proposal at my birthday party especially if I didn’t sign off on it 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

A third follower explained: “That’s really messed up that your sister didn’t really celebrate your birthday, and then Trina’s man is going to propose during your bootleg birthday celebration not to mention cameras are rolling so it may not even be genuine. Geesh and they wonder why you get up and walk away all the time. I would have left after expressing how I felt like you did. Lol.. maybe it’s just me but.. if it’s my birthday party.. and someone gets engaged at my party that takes the focus off me and probably the 1 day out of the year where everything is about me… so I would probably act the same way, and I would probably get called selfish for it.”

Tamar should know that she is a strong and independent woman.


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