Saturday, March 30, 2019

Lil Scrappy Cries Like A Baby As Breland Becomes A Great Swimmer In Touching Video With Bambi Benson -

A very proud and emotional Lil Scrappy could not hold back his tears as he watched his baby boy do something extraordinary.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and the husband of Bambi Benson is featured in the sweetest video where he is in a pool with his son, Breland Richardson, who has become a great swimmer.

The famous rapper from Atlanta was anxious, protective, proud, and scared as he watched his precious child go at it like a pro.

One fan said: “He can officially swim better than me now lol. God bless your beautiful family. Scrap finna cry he so proud 🤣😭😩U two are meant for each other, and you made that little guy with so much love. Gods grace will be with always.”

A sweet comment read: “Scrappy looked scared to death… his “paws” ready to grab the baby!! Will you look at Scrap’s delicate nature😍😍😫 OMG!! He’s so in love with his family. The right woman WILL ALWAYS bring out the best in her man/mate/husband. I love this!”

This supporter wrote: “Scrappy looks like he wanted to cry watching his baby swim 😍. Bambi just got in that water to take that pic. Scrappy look so nervous w that baby n the water😂😂😂peep the way he holds his hand like a black mom ready to keep lil baby safe in there lol tooooooo cute! Yall r a beautiful family. 😍”

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Another follower explained: “Scrappy’s face in the video! 🤣awww he’s so happy!! Love this! I love how Bam created a healthy relationship/ family for Scrap ❤️❤️❤️❤️Lmaoooo why scrappy looking like he about ready to fight the water in the beginning 😩🤣😭😭 @daisytaughtmeHe look so happy… scrappy that is… Scrappy so proud and scared at the same time. Did he start crying in the end 😂.”

A fifth person replied: “Thank god for good women boy the level up be so real when you got a real woman. God bless your beautiful family. U two are meant to be, and you made that little guy with so much love. Gods grace will be with always. Lol, scrap so funny 😭 you guys are awesome parents. ❤️”

People love the fact that Scrappy is such a great father.


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