Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Justin Bieber Steps Up And Defends His Marriage - Check Out How He Praises Hailey Baldwin - kkccb.net

It was recently reported that Justin Bieber would be taking a break from music to focus on his private life. He wants to be the best husband to Hailey Baldwin and a great father as well.

Some of his fans are real fanatics, and they keep slamming his marriage to Hailey, saying he only got married to spite Selena.

Justin could not take it anymore and he responded to such haters. Check out his message below.

Someone commented ‘Y’all need to stop bringing up Selena all the time he’s with his wife now and that’s how it’s gonna be accept it or leave👋🏽’

Another follower said ‘The fact that he has to explain that he’s in love with his wife just shows that he’s not in love with her. Lol, he shouldn’t even explain and he just admitted that he still loves Selena.’

Someone else agrees with what Justin wrote and posted: ‘Too long but I agree – leave them alone! People are really sick and scary these days 🙄’

One fan said this: ‘That boy has come a very long way and has matured really well. Y’all don’t come for Bieber before I let my inner 2010 belieber out!’

Another commenter also feels that people don’t have the right to tell other people how to live their lives: ‘Why do ppl feel they can tell celebrities what to do with their lives………. you can’t, y’all can’t even tell your own family what to😭😭😭 they do what tf they want and y’all will deal. He right.’

Real fans know that Justin has been under an enormous amount of pressure since he was a child.


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