Saturday, March 30, 2019

Eva Marcille Says NeNe Leakes Is "Way Too Old" For Her "Shady Antics" - Some Fans Say Eva Is Just Trying To Secure Her Spot For The Next RHOA Season -

NeNe Leakes has been slammed a lot lately by her RHOA castmates, especially after the closet episode when Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams wanted to snoop around.

You may recall that NeNe reacted quite violently with NeNe pulling the cameraman by his shirt and yelling.

After Porsha bashed NeNe, the latter claimed that Porsha overreacted because something else went down there.

Porsha, on the other hand, clapped back and said that NeNe is a colossal liar and she posted a message in which she was calling NeNe a ‘bald edges lie.’

Anyway, now Eva Marcille jumps in about NeNe’s ‘shade antics.’

The online magazine Hollywood Life just reported that Eva commented on an Instagram post where NeNe was on video saying the following:

‘If you watch the show, it’s really hilarious to me because Eva was calling me her big sister. She said that I have been there for her and that she’s known me for ten years.’

Eva continued and wrote ‘Have you seen me do anything to Eva that you think was below the belt and deserved for her to carry on the way she did at the reunion? I was in total shock.’

Eva posted: ‘Girl Bye…your shady ass antics at my wedding and at Marlo’s house then the OLG2 opening…that’s not below the belt? Good day and good evening with your wack ass friend skills. You are WAY TOO OLD to act like this. Periodt.’

Someone commented ‘I’m so proud of all of the Ladies not giving in on NeNe’s antics,’ while another follower believes that ‘Nene keeps digging herself deeper and deeper, I swear. 🤣’

One follower said that ‘Eva said everything everyone has been thinking and then added “🌻” 😂😂’

Another person posted: ‘Nene is never at fault! She was shady as heck when Marlo was telling her the tea on Eva. If that were her friend, she wouldn’t have entertained it.’

Someone else believes that Eva wants to secure her spot on RHOA: ‘Eva is really trying to secure her spot for next season. The same people that you help will always be the first to turn on you. So she’s blaming NeNe for Bravo editing clips of her wedding into hers? This is too much!!’

What do you think about what Eva had to say?


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