Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Toya Wright Shares A Video Featuring Alexis Skyy Who Has A Message For Fans - Here It Is -

Toya Wright recently shared a video featuring Alexis Skyy. Alexis is supportive of Toya’s movement that she has been promoting for quite a while now.

The movement is called 4k walk/run, and it aims to raise awareness on some really important issues for the health: obesity and overweight.

Toya supported and promoted this movement back in 2018, and it was really successful. Now she does it again. Here’s her video featuring Alexis:

Not too long ago she also posted a video featuring her friend Monica Brown who was inviting people to the same event. See the video below.

Speaking of weight and working out, Toya has been working out like crazy especially for a while now, and she always makes sure to share part of her routine with her followers and Instagram fans.

The latest video that she posted in which she’s at the gym is below and fans made sure to tell her that she is their inspiration.

Apart from this, Toya has been sharing a lot of baby Reign Rushing for her fans because they always ask to see the cutie pie who is growing up really fast.

She’s becoming cuter and smarter with each passing day and her mom, together with Reigny’s sister, Reginae Carter could not be prouder of baby Reigny.

With some of her latest Reign pics, Toya managed to trigger the baby fever among her fans, and they were not shy and told her this in the comments.


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