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Kandi Burruss" Fans Ask Her If She Plans On Clapping Back At Kim Zolciak After She Slammed Her Marriage To Todd Tucker - kkccb.net

Kandi Burruss invited her fans and followers to see her latest interview, and she also shared a couple of pics on social media. Fans cannot stop praising her looks, and they ask her whether she’s on a diet because she seems to have lost weight.

Some followers were curious to find out whether Kandi plans to clap back after Kim Zolciak dissed her and Todd Tucker’s relationship.

If you recall, Kim appeared on WWHL, and she shaded Kandi a lot, especially her marriage with Todd Tucker. Here are more details.

‘Do you think you and Kroy [Biermann] could learn anything from Kandi and Todd’s relationship,’ Andy Cohen asked Kim and here’s what she responded, ‘No, I don’t share my husband, sweetie.’

Now, in Kandi’s comments section, some fans address what happened with Kim.

‘Catch me Tonight at 11pm|10c on @BusyTonightTV on @eentertainment! This was a really great interview! Tune in now!’ Kandi captioned her post.

Someone noticed that ‘On here you look like you lost weight. Are you on a Diet? Keep up the work you looks good.👏’

Another follower asked Kandi ‘@kandi do you have a clapback for Kim about what she said about Todd on WWHL?’

A fan told the RHOA star ‘Kandi I am still waiting on you to curse out Natalie and Lolo and now Kim! Don’t let those snakes get away w talking shit about u behind ur back 🤬🤬 they can’t vote you out now lolol’

One other fan gushed over Kandi and said ‘Just watched. You looked great! Loved the interview & what you shared about your conversation with Andy. That was really touching 💗.’

What do you think? Should Kandi respond to Kim?


Reginae Carter"s Fans Praise Her Beauty After She Gets Body Shamed By Haters - kkccb.net

Reginae Carter is no stranger to haters slamming her looks and body shaming her. Just recently, someone commented on one of her pics and the person sad that Nae is ‘not ugly,’ but she should wear some makeup.

The comment triggered mixed reactions from fans. Some of them wanted to defend Nae and said that she doesn’t need makeup because she is gorgeous without it, and other people said that the person did not mean any harm.

Even Nae’s mom, Toya Wright defended her. After that, Toya shared another post on her own social media in which she was slamming haters of both her daughters really hard.

Anyway, Reginae shared a new photo, and her diehard fans keep praising her beauty in the comments section.

Someone even told Nae to disable comments in she gets so much hate on Instagram, but Reginae is a pretty tough young lady, and she chose not to shut down comments.

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The commenter said ‘You are beautiful. Turn off your comments so these haters that follow you won’t have a place to be “great” 🙄’

Someone else also gushed over Nae and said ‘So gorge w/o the makeup the makeup just enhances ur beauty,’ while another person wrote ‘Yesss u still beautiful without all that makeup i don’t wear it all the time either.’

A follower posted that ‘she’s beautiful; she just looks like the average person with all the makeup just like all the other famous people.’

We believe that Reginae is a beautiful young lady and body shaming should be out of the question for her and anyone, in general.


Toya Wright Wishes One Of Her BFFs A Happy Birthday And Fans Love Her Loyalty - kkccb.net

Toya Wright wished one of her best friends a Happy Birthday, and she wanted to mark the event by sharing a gorgeous post with her. The post includes a throwback photo since Toya was pregnant with baby Reign Rushing. Check it out below.

‘Happy Birthday to one of my day 1’s… we been rocking since middle school. Thanks for being such a great friend. This one have no problem getting me together.😂 I love your crazy ass. Enjoy your day Tiff!😘🎉🎉’ Toya captioned her post.

@toyawright I love when real friends are never too big for the friends they have known from day 1. No new friends, may not always apply, but real friends stay down, is always the motto.

Someone said ‘I need some riders like that. Like if you agree ❤️’ while another commenter posted ‘That’s an Aquarius for you: we aren’t afraid to get you together, but it’s out of love 😂. Happy birthday!’

One of Toya’s followers had a more profound message that they wanted to share with everyone: ‘Life is greater than a few setbacks and difficult times. What makes you strong is not letting them stop you from living your life to the fullest. Stay strong. In my experience, you do not make any progress without some struggles, and remember greatness come when you face some struggles in life, stay strong and always get up.’

The same fan said ‘I want to send a message of hope where there is so much despair in this world. My message is I faced many tragedies in my life was at my rock bottom. I cried behind closed door crying out for help. I seeked counselling. Spoke openly about my mental health. People were kind to me & never judged me when I was at my weakest. I still cry for the people I lost in my life. The void will slowly be filled with peace.’

Toya made headline recently after defending her baby girls.

She had to endure people slamming her kids more than once. Haters had harsh words for both her daughters, Reign Rushing, and Reginae Carter.

But it seems that the fierce mom has had enough. Read her message for all the haters. Fans completely support her.


Tiny Harris Gushes Over Monica Brown After She Shows Love To T.I."s Sister Precious Harris Who Was In A Horrible Car Accident - Watch The Video - kkccb.net

Tiny Harris and her beloved husband, T.I. have not been having their best days since his sister Precious is in the hospital. They both addressed the subject on social media and fans are terrified.

Tiny took to social media to share the heartbreaking news with her fans and followers and told them that Tip’s sister is currently in the hospital fighting for her life.

But, for Valentine’s Day Tip managed to surprise Tiny and made her cry tears of joy. His gift was terrific, and she shared a video to show it off for fans.

Now, Tiny made sure to praise Monica Brown after, during one of her concerts, she sent tons of love to Precious/. Here’s the video that Tiny posted on her social media account.

‘My sis @monicabrown so Dope for this!! Thank you so much for showing so much love to our girl. I know u & @preciousharris1913 had y’all own bond. That’s real love Mo… 🙏🏽👑🥰 #PreciousWouldBeSoHonored’ Tiny captioned her post.

People were more than supportive in the comments section. They all wished the best for Precious and the whole family.

Someone said ‘@troubleman31 @majorgirl @monicabrown !!!! Praying for u guys!!! Love y’all!!!’ while another fan gushed over Monica: ‘@majorgirl praying for your family.. @monicabrown u betta sang girl!!!!! Gave me the chills!!!😘’

Another shocked follower asked ‘Did she pass away? When Tiny said had your own bond,’ but someone else said ‘Can we please stop using past tense?! We all love Precious, and I can’t take this. 😫’

A fan wrote this emotional message: ‘Precious we ❤️ You he did it for me. I’m begging him to do it for you. God today we are asking you for one of those bible miracles you do here and there let today be the day God for precious In Jesus name. 🙏🏽’

Our thoughts are prayers go to Precious and her whole family!


Tekashi 69 Must Have An Excellent Lawyer: The Word On The Street Is That If He Cooperates, All Charges Will Be Dropped - Watch His Baby Mama, Sara Molina Speaking On His Case - kkccb.net

It seems that more and more signs point out to the fact that rapper Tekashi 69 might walk out of jail as a free man after everything that happened. Recent reports detailed that Tekashi 69 pleaded guilty for nine counts in a federal racketeering case.

Complex has a transcript of the guilty plea, and there are some mind-blowing revelations in it.

Recently, Tekashi’s baby mama Sara Molina talked in an interview about Tekashi’s guilty plea, and she basically says that he won’t be doing time after he ‘snitched.’

The Shade Room comes with new details and only confirms the rumors that Tekashi might become a free man without doing time.

They write that the rapper ‘must have a really good lawyer because word on the street is as long as he continues to cooperate, his sentence could be way less than the minimum time he’s currently facing.’

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TSR STAFF: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ #Tekashi6ix9ine must have a really good lawyer because word on the street is as long as he continues to cooperate, his sentence could be way less than the minimum time he’s currently facing. _____________________________________ As we reported, #Tekashi is facing a minimum of 47 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges including conspiracy, narcotics trafficking, and racketeering to name a few. _____________________________________ Tekashi has allegedly been cooperating with the feds, and the District Attorney has agreed to not prosecute him for a lot of the crimes he’s being charged for as long as he keeps cooperating. _____________________________________ Regarding witness protection due to the dangers his cooperation may bring, his plea deal reportedly states—read more at theshaderoom.com

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TSR continues and says that 69 ‘is facing a minimum of 47 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges including conspiracy, narcotics trafficking, and racketeering to name a few. Tekashi has allegedly been cooperating with the feds, and the District Attorney has agreed to not prosecute him for a lot of the crimes he’s being charged for as long as he keeps cooperating.’

As we already said, Tekashi might even enter the witness protection program if he gets out.

Someone said ‘he needed to listen to all the advice he was getting, but he thought he knew better.. No look! KENDRICK SAID BE HUMBLE! The boy wouldn’t sit down.😂’

Another follower posted ‘Snitches end up in ditches that’s why his azz will need witness protection….how they’re gonna remove all of those tatts on his face IDK nor do I GAF.’

Someone else wrote that ‘he had 1.7 in his bank account, and he’s got some of the best lawyers in the game right now. He won’t be living comfortably for long.’

A follower wrote that ‘he got caught for something HE DID. Then to avoid the sentence he snitched. DON’T do the crime if you are not gonna face the consequences if you get caught.’

What are your thoughts on this case?


Meek Mill Gets Trolled After Cropping Nicki Minaj Out Of A Photo And Calling Her "Anonymous" - kkccb.net

Meek Mill finds himself in hot water after cropping his ex, Nicki Minaj out of a group photo. He also referred to her as ‘anonymous.’Check out more details on what happened.

After Meek cropped Nicki from a pic, his followers noticed and trolled the man. The original photo has also been tweeted.

Hollywood Life first reported that Meek shared a pic of him and actor Michael Rapaport along with references in a caption that target an ‘anonymous’ friend.

‘Me: ayo yo who this? Anonymous: I think it’s the guy from white men can jump? Him: meek you so fire you give me that feeling what hip hop is missing ima fan ‘can I get a selfie’? Hurry up go head 🤦🏾‍♂️.’

On the other hand, Rapaport shared the full, un-cropped pic that he took and it was clearly seen that the pic also features Meek’s ex Nicki Minaj.

Here’s how Rapaport captioned the pic: ‘All Hip Hop Bloggers & Culture Critics Who Know all about Hip Hop but have Know Idea who Sparky D is, not one of you is on my level with any of this s***.’

Meek got blasted online for cropping Nicki.

He was in the spotlight not too long ago after he dissed Tekashi 69.

It was recently reported that Tekashi 69’s best buddy DJ Akademiks was promoting some new music that was coming our way. It was something unreleased from Tekashi.

Meek Mill told Akademiks that he should not be promoting his music anymore after he talked to the cops.

Meek even said that he is unfollowing the young rapper.


Kenya Moore And Husband Marc Daly Cuddle Their Baby In New Picture -- Fans Say Brooklyn Had No Choice But To Be Gorgeous - kkccb.net

Brooklyn Daly is one cute baby, and according to Kenya Moore’s fans, she had no choice but to be gorgeous.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum is swimming in the bliss that comes with motherhood especially giving birth to a miracle baby.

Kenya recently melted hearts with a photo where she is in bed with her baby girl playing next to her father, Marc Daly.

Kenya also took to social media to praise her husband who is a successful businessman.

The proud wife wrote: “As we continue to celebrate black-owned businesses for #BlackHistoryMonth, we’re placing the spotlight on @socobk. This #SmallBusinessSaturday we’re highlighting Marc Daly, owner of the popular, Southern fusion restaurant.”

Kenya also shared an uplifting message written by Marc where he stated: “As a child of immigrants, I have embraced the ‘American Dream,’ but I strive to make it an ‘Inclusive American Dream.’ One of my goals was to create economic empowerment in the community. This included creating jobs for young men and women… The hope is [that] one day they will seek to give back, creating a cycle of wealth built through entrepreneurship in the community… We serve traditional African American heritage cuisine in a modern and innovative way [that] has required me to delve into the history of the food. This process of learning has brought me closer not just to my background and roots, but also with the history and culture of all brothers and people of the NY and North American diaspora.”

Fans are thrilled for the new mom because she got the fairy tale ending she hoped for.

One supporter said: “Kenya deserves this ❤️ she has a different glow now 🙌🏽. I’m so happy for Kenya. She got her man and her child. She is finally whole, and I love it!”

Another commenter shared: “I’m so happy for her love! It makes me gush!!! Blessings are so beautiful. She is so adorable. If I was her parent, she will get a lot of kisses. Kenya you are a winner by God’s special Grace and prosperity shall be your portion forever and ever Amen.”

This supporter told Kenya the following: “This is ridiculously adorable! What a beautiful family. Kenya and Marc, please try not to spoil that beautiful, scrumptious little perfect babydoll too much. 😁Okay you know you need to have another one soon so Brooklyn can have a playmate. Love you always, and God bless your beautiful fam. 😍😍❤❤”

Kenya and Marc are enjoying this parenting thing.


Jussie Smollett Case: New Theory Emerges To Explain Possibly Staged Hate Crime - kkccb.net

Jussie Smollett remains under public scrutiny after claiming he was attacked in a MAGA-related hate crime on January 29, 2019. As soon as Smollett told his story, there were people who doubted his account. Calling the attack a racist and homophobic hate crime, civil rights leaders and politicians rallied to Smollet’s defense. Now, many of those initial supporters are running away from Smollett and trying to figure out the best way to save face.

Details continue to leak to social media and the press is running with it; however, at this point, the Chicago Police Department hasn’t officially named Smollett a suspect; though two Nigerian brothers who are said to be cooperating with authorities have.

The brothers, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo were taken into custody after being tracked down from a video camera that was in the vicinity where Smollett claimed two men in red caps shouted homophobic and racist slurs at him, one man allegedly punched Smollett in the face before the duo “tussled by the stairs” and then, for some unknown reason, turned and ran but not before pouring bleach and placing a rope/noose around Smollett’s neck.

The Osundairo brothers say the entire attack was staged and that it was Smollett’s idea and plan. According to Page Six, their source says the attack was staged after Smollett received threatening, hate mail, yet the story didn’t get enough press.

The news comes after other reports say there is a good chance Smollett will go before a grand jury and may face indictment for filing a false police report.

At this point, authorities continue to collect evidence and try to separate fact from fiction. Also unknown is whether there was a legitimate threat with the note, or if someone else sent it to the 36-year-old Empire actor.

As more reports that the attack was staged surface, the more people are calling for Jussie Smollett to be charged with filing a police report.

Smollet granted Robin Roberts an interview. It’s possible that the comments made during that interview might be examined and come up during the investigation.

What do you think about Jussie Smollett’s case? Do you believe he staged the attack due to lack of media attention?


Khloe Kardashian Shares Daring Pictures To Tempt Tristan Thompson After Awful Valentine"s Day - kkccb.net

In an attempt to get back at Tristan Thompson, mama Khloe Kardashian has unveiled her most stunning photo shoot to date where she leaves little to the imagination.

According to several reliable sources, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star had one the worst Valentine’s Day ever.

While True’s mother was at home posting photos of flowers, Tristan was busy hitting bars and flirting with random women.

Khloe seems to be tempting Tristan with her daring photos that were accompanied by another cryptic message that read: “Are you willing to give up what you love, for who you love?”

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and explained why Khloe keeps sharing odd quotes on social media.

The person in the know said: “I hope everything gets better for all of us. Khloe is motivated to live her life on her own terms, and she enjoys sharing her thoughts and ideas with the world. Posting quotes on Instagram is her own creative way to speak to Tristan [Thompson], her sisters, family and to let the whole world know how she feels at the same time.”

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The New New on GoodAmerican.com

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The insider went on to explain: “Khloe is happy to be in LA right now, she’s very busy with work, and she loves True being able to spend so much time with her cousins and family. It’s what’s best for them now, but she insists that it’s in no way a sign of trouble between her and Tristan though, she says they’re all good.”

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❣️True, Sweet Valentine ❣️

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According to the family friend, Khloe is also hoping to get Tristan’s attention.

The source shared: “However, she is also sending a message to Tristan that she is an independent woman, OK doing her own thing. She is a strong and a loving, caring mom too. Khloe wants Tristan and the world to know how she feels about things and loves how immediate and intimate social media can be. She loves using it as a tool to express herself, feelings and emotions. Right now, she wants the world to know that everyone can stop worrying about her and her relationship with Tristan… they are doing just fine.”

Khloe is playing a very peculiar game.